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Podgorica, Montenegro

EDCON 2023

a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference committed to serving the Ethereum ecosystem


May 19 - May 23

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About The Event

EDCON (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference that happens once a year in different countries (EDCON 2017 in Paris, 2018 in Toronto, 2019 in, 2020-2021 Online, and 2022 in San Francisco at Chase Center). EDCON is committed to serving the Ethereum ecosystem by boosting the communication and interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide.

Our upcoming EDCON 2023 will be a five-day event. It will bring together experts from the Ethereum space to discuss the latest developments and trends in Ethereum technology, as well as explore the potential for Ethereum-based solutions to various business and social challenges. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the event will feature networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, as well as opportunities to learn from industry experts.


  • Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum Foundation
  • Tim Beiko - Ethereum Foundation
  • Skylar Weaver - Devcon Team Lead, Ethereum Foundation
  • Barry Whitehat - Ethereum Foundation
  • Piper Merriam - Researcher, Ethereum Foundation
  • Vlad Zamfir - Researcher, Ethereum Foundation
  • Andy Guzman - Product Owner at PSE Team, Ethereum Foundation
  • Leo Lara - Zero Knowledge Research Engineer, Ethereum Foundation
  • Cy Li - Director of UETH
  • Eli Ben-Sasson - Co-Founder of StarkWare
  • Sergey Nazarov - Co-founder, Chainlink
  • Primavera De Filippi - Blockchain researcher @CNRS & @BKCHarvard
  • Scott Moore - Co-founder of Gitcoin
  • Weiwu Zhang - Co-Founder & CTO, Smart Token Labs
  • Quinn - Suci Blockchain Hub & Ethvietnam
  • Adam Browman - Head of Growth, Loopring
  • cheeky-gorilla - Protocol Guild Contributor
  • Jordi Baylina - Technical Lead, Polygon zkEVM
  • Toghrul Maharramov - Senior Researcher, Scroll
  • Dominic Williams - Founder & Chief Scientist of DFINITY
  • Rand Hindi - Co-founder & CEO, Zama
  • Collin Myers - Founder & CEO, Obol Labs
  • Danilo Kim - PSE Grantee, Kakarot ZkEvm Cofounder
  • Friederike Ernst - Co-founder of Gnosis
  • Dennis Pourteaux - Writer at, Co-founder at Huat Ventures
  • Toni Wahrstätter - Ethereum Researcher, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Leonardo Bautista-Gomez - Senior Researcher at Status
  • Anuj Das Gupta - Researcher
  • and more...!
A non-profit committed to serving the Ethereum ecosystem in boosting the interaction of Ethereum communities worldwide