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Split, Croatia

BlockSplit 4

Web3 Conference in the heart of the Mediterranean


May 22 - May 25

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About The Event

Meet web3 startups, developers, researchers, investors, designers and more from all over the world

Monday, May 22nd - Workshops day

These are carefully curated, hands-on, intense workshops that will propel your web3 knowledge, experience and carrer:

  • NFTs 2.0 in action
  • Doing a Web3 project in EU after MICA regulation
  • Intro to Solidity
  • Building smart contracts in Rust on Astar Network
  • What is account abstractions

BlockSplit 4 in the numbers:

  • 60+ Talks
  • 600+ Attendees
  • 300+ Businesses

* Conference ticket doesn't include a seat at these workshops. If you want to attend a specific workshop, you need to purchase a specific ticket.

DeSci at BlockSplit

A place where blockchain technology meets scientific discovery and collaboration!

Our one-day program offers a deep dive into the intersection of blockchain technology and scientific research.

Our lineup of industry leaders and experts will share their insights on emerging trends, innovative ideas, and the latest research in the field. Connect with like-minded peers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and expand your knowledge of this exciting field.


  • Iva Kvakic - Co-founder at Alice in Blockchains
  • Ivan Fartunov - Head of Ecosystem at Aragon DAO
  • Ivica Puljak - Scientist and the Mayor at Grad Split
  • Bruno Skvorc - Founder at RMRK
  • Ruslan Serebriakov - Senior Smart Contract Engineer at Trust Wallet
  • Yair Cleper - CEO at Lava Network
  • Aleksandar Dimitrijevic - Business Development Lead at MVP Workshop
  • Sandi Fatić - Co-founder at Calimero
  • Nelli Orlova - Founder, CEO at InnMind
  • Lyuben Belov - Managing partner at Launchub Ventures
  • Vukašin Vukoje - Founder of web3mine at web3mine
  • Nemanja Cerovac - Angel investor at Daedalus Angels
  • Ethan Pierse - Co-founder at NFT Factory
  • Tanja Bivic Plankar - President at Blockchain Alliance Europe
  • Luka Sučić - Partner at Meta Change Capital
  • Muhammed Tanrikulu - Full Stack Developer at ENS
  • Sebastjan Pirih - CMO & Business relations at Netis d.o.o.
  • Akram El Milligy - Developer Support Engineer at Ledger
  • Mario Vukelić - Senior Dev at Astar Foundation
  • Olga Grin - VP of Marketing
  • Jovica Popović - Web3 Solutions Architect at Ava Labs
  • Alexey Lapitsky - Security Lead at Aurora Labs
  • Sally Meouche-Ghrawi - CEO at Tekuno
  • Engn33r - Security auditor at yAcademy
  • Marcin Kazmierczak - Co-Founder, COO at RedStone
  • Eugen Družin - DeFi strategist at Yearn Finance
  • Jane Gabitova - Agile Practitioner at ChainSafe
  • Dejan Radic - CTO at DexStar
  • Lazar Travica - Founder & CEO at Route3
  • Katarina Tomičić-Pupek - and Associate professor at Faculty of Organization and Informatics
  • and more...!
International conference for blockchain business and development