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Brussels, Belgium

European Web3 Summit

The Summit where Web3 Meets EU Policymakers and Web2 Businesses


May 23 - May 24

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About The Event

EW3S is a meta-platform coordinated by blockchain-related NGOs to facilitate open dialogue between Web3 and policymakers in Europe to help innovations flourish.

It is an exclusive invitation-only event, that will foster a continuous dialog and knowledge exchange between European's regulators, policymakers, and Web3 to develop a resilient ecosystem for Web3.

European Web3 Summit in the numbers:

  • 5 Main streams: infrastructure, business, regulation, investments, society
  • 12Armchair panels with a moderator and 5 speakers each
  • 10 Fireside chats: in-depth conversations between a speaker and a moderator
  • 150 Guests
  • 60 Speakers
  • 20 Policymakers
  • 30 Media outlets


1/ Policymakers involved in crypto assets regulation in Europe

2/ Web3 companies and entrepreneurs:

  • DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain gaming, Digital Identity
  • Blockchains, Exchanges, Wallets, AML/KYC, and other service providers

3/ Financial institutions:

  • TradFi, Crypto VCs, Institutional investors, Custodians, etc.

4/ Civil society

5/ Media

6/ Web2 businesses that discover Web3 opportunities

Main Topics

  • Is Europe ready for Web3?
  • Policies & Strategies for WEB3 Transformation in Europe
  • “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”. Can Web3 create a more just & equal society?
  • Nurturing Emerging Technologies through the EU’s MiCA Regulation.
  • Shifting Europe’s Web2 private sector into the Web3 future.
  • Regulatory Practices from outside the EU: Switzerland, Lichtenstein, UK, Singapore, OAE.
  • Developing Web3 Economies to advance the EU Green Deal.
  • Looking Ahead: Which Web3 innovations next, how do we fund them?
  • Could Ukraine become a European innovations sandbox?

Key strategic goals

  • Develop efficient European policy and regulatory framework for Web3 to provide a strong and reliable basis for Web3 economies.
  • Inspire meaningful business transformations from WEB2 to WEB3 and rapid growth of new and innovative European Web3 businesses.
  • Build large-scale communication strategies and educational programs - both for European policymakers and civil society


  • Christiane Kirketerp De Viron - Head of Unit for Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy
  • Irakli Beridze - Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, United Nations, UNICRI
  • Nadiia Vasylieva - Director of Digital Transformation Institute in Ukraine
  • Francesco Paolo Pati - Council Member European Law Institute (ELI), Associate Proffesor at Università Bocconi, head of Blockchain Lawyers
  • Teana Baker-Taylor - Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Strategy, Circle, UK/EU
  • Pierre Noro - Expert in decentralized governance and blockchain-based social innovation
  • Mariana De La Roche Wills - Regulatory Affairs Expert, IOTA; Co-Chair of the Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group, INATBA
  • François Gardin - Senior Advisor to the Green Digital Finance Alliance, leading NGOs, institutional investors and initiatives in the field of environmental finance
  • Elizabeth Rossiello - CEO and founder of AZA Finance, a global payments and fx fintech
  • Dr Joachim Schwerin - Principal Economist in the unit responsible for the Digital Transformation of Industry within the Directorate-General Internal Market
  • Helen Köpman - Deputy Head of Unit for Digital Markets - Technological and Economic Assessment, at DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Courtney Williams - Business Architect and Innovation Strategist leading market development and fostering adoption of blockchain and metaverse related technologies
  • Sarah Gottwald - Managing director of Blockchain Founders Group, a start-up builder in the web3 and blockchain ecosystem
  • Esther Val - Head of Partnerships at Climatecoin; works for various ReFi projects like ImpactScope, Crystalchain and Zero Labs
  • Erich Schnoeckel - Business Development Director for Zaisan and Token Expert at, specialised in democratising finance
  • Mike Durrie - Editor in Chief of the global impact think – and do – tank The Digital Economist
  • Santiago Abraham - Association manager at BerChain e.V.
  • Alla Aboudaka - Founding Director of Access Advisors
  • Dr Lisa Cameron - Member of the UK Parliament, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets
  • Stephan Pouyat - Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director at The Digital Economist
  • Maria Staszkiewicz - The Secretary General of the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA)
  • Sarah Palurovic - Executive Director at the Digital Euro Association and Project Manager at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
  • Daniel Michaels - Brussels Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal
  • Hugo Volz Oliveira - Founding member and secretary at New Economy Institute
  • Ioana Surpateanu - Chief Innovation Officer for Swash and NED for CryptoUK
  • Sunny Jiang - Founder and CEO of MaasVentures, blockchain for impact, metaverse and tokenization as a service
  • Sheila Warren - CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation
  • Frans Scholten - Venture Capital Lead at Flow Traders Capital
  • and more...!
European Web3 Summit
European Web3 Summit
A meta-platform coordinated by blockchain-related NGOs to facilitate open dialogue between Web3 and policymakers EU