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Naples, Italy


Bring forward the condensation of the diverse ETH communities in Italy into one event


May 24 - May 26

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About The Event

Education is one of SpaghettETH key mission.

This year, instead of a traditional hackathon, sponsors will have a space where host bootcamps and workshops, and the SpaghettETH team will facilitate the organization and communication.

This is because we believe that everyone can learn about web3, and want to open our event to hackers from all background so that we can buidl a strong community.

Workshops & bootcamps will be hosted in the same great venue and the team will help you to set it up & organize it in the best way possible.

Tracks & Format

  • During this 3 days events we expect to listen to cool talks & projects presentations
  • On the side, we will also help projects to host bootcamps and we will cooperate with local associations to organize educational activities
  • Last but not least, the networking and social interaction part will be one of our focus. And the location is perfect for this!

Join for our second ETHalians Community Event in Naples and tell us your raWstory!


  • Marco Castignoli - EF
  • Costanza Gallo - Swarm
  • Limone.Eth - Urbe.ETH
  • Julien Bouteloup - Stake Capital
  • Marco Monaco - Consensys
  • Marina Markezic - Euci
  • Makoto Inoue - ENS
  • Alexander Guy - Zerion
  • Solange Gueiros - Chainlink
  • Pg - BanklessDAO
  • Kirsten Pomales - Talent Layer
  • Matteo Pandolfi - Idle
  • Nikita Buzov - Solace
  • Sebastian Bürgel - HOPR
  • Nicolas Consigny - Ledger
  • Luigi Cantisani - LH Torino
  • Vanina Ivanova - Ambire
  • Andrea0x - Kwenta
  • Tiziano Bussani - 333.Builders
  • Pietro Rossetto - 333.Builders
  • Davide Carboni - Uniscrow
  • Lorenzo Bersano - Toduba
  • Mirko Garozzo - Consensys 
  • Marco T. Giordano - 42LF
  • Vincenzo Rana - KNOBS
  • Leo Lara - EF
  • Lior Zak - Stake Capital
  • Vandalo Ruins - Sewer Nation
  • and more...!
The Italian Ethereum movement to buidl an open sauce future together