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Karachi, Pakistan


An yearly gathering of the most innovative minds, forward thinking creators, and avid NFT enthusiasts


May 27 - May 28

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About The Event

GM! Welcome to the NFT.KHI, where we embark on a journey into the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens. This event is a yearly gathering of the most innovative minds, forward thinking creators, and avid NFT enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the limitless possibilities of digital ownership.

With industry leaders, renowned speakers, and visionary artists from across the globe, this event is your gateway to discovering the limitless potential of NFTs and their transformative impact on our society. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the future of digital ownership!

We Bring You Connections & Experiences Out of This World

After Gala is a series of thrilling concerts that mark the conclusion of each day during NFT KHI. These concerts feature popular performers creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

The After Gala concert is an opportunity for attendees to unwind and enjoy an evening filled with music and entertainment after a long day of networking, learning, and exploring the world of NFTs. Get ready to dance the night away and celebrate the success of NFT KHI with fellow attendees and performers at this exciting event.

NFT.KHI in the numbers:

  • 200+ Artists
  • 100+ Speakers
  • 10000+ Attendees


  • Vanshika Srivastava - DevRel Engineer at Biconomy
  • Salman Khan - Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Xord
  • Humza Khan - Regional Ops at Binance
  • Hatim Siddique - Co-founder of Khwab
  • Sajjad Rehman - Advisor/Investor, ex - Unstoppable Domains & Amazon
  • Mustafa Jamal - Founder of We3 Foundation
  • Vitalii Romanchenko - CEO and Co-founder of
  • Zain Naqvi - Futurist & the Co-founder of Alter
  • Faiza Yousuf - CEO at Women in Tech PK
  • Rohan Asif - Community & Events Manager at Binance
  • Julien Tropee - Head of Partnerships at Tropee
  • Arzish Azam - CEO at Ejad Labs
  • Sania Vardak - Founder of Investing at 25
  • Umer Mirza - Chief Marketing Officer at Tweet Narsun & The Cloud City Metaverse
  • Maxine Cunningham - CEO & Founder of Pick My Brain
  • Bilal Bin Saqib - Founder of Web3 Pakistan & Co-founder of H2O Tayaba
  • Krinza Momin - DevRel Engineer at Ankr
  • and more...!
Met Gala of NFTs