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Atlanta, United States

Render ATL 2023

A Tech Conference, Where Talent Feels Welcomed


May 31 - Jun 02

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About The Event

Bigger & Better

We're 4x times bigger! We’ve increased our venue space from 24K square feet to over 100K+ square feet at The AmericasMart Atlanta. That's like going from 64 bits to 2 Gigs of memory! 

That means there's more room for you to cha-cha slide with all of your sponsored merch alongside your favorite speakers and attendees without having to put down your full plate of food. Get ready for three floors of code, culture, and connections at RenderATL 2023.

Each day is something new at RenderATL. Here can be expected exciting workshops, talks and our infamous evening events.


Take full advantage of your conference experience, and get training from our best speakers and instructors. We'll cover TypeScript, Testing React Apps, Advanced React, Concurrent Rendering in React 18, Blitz.js, GraphQL Security Testing, Ionic & React while allocating enough time for practice. Workshops are included free of charge for the first 1,000 Render ticket holders.

RenderATL in the numbers:

  • 3 Fun Filled Days
  • 3,000+ Attendees in Atlanta
  • 80+ Expert Speakers
  • 4 Specialty Tracks


We're passing the mic like Atlanta passes the hookah. Our 80+ expert speakers are coming from around the world to help you level up in your career with four specialty tracks covering all things Design/CSS, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Product & Project Management, Web/Mobile Software Engineering, and so much more. Peep the golden peach for our featured speakers.

  • Justin E. Samuels - Founder-CEO of RenderATL
  • Mina Markham - Staff Software Engineer at Slack
  • Jina - Design/Developer Relations Manager at Google
  • Kelly Vaughn - Engineering Manager at Spot Al
  • Sarah Drasner - Director of Engineering, Core Developer Web at Google
  • Laurie Voss - Data Evangelist at Netlify
  • Sheena Allen - Founder/Entrepreneur of CapWay
  • Mark Techson - Sr. Developer Relations Engineer at Google
  • Stevenson Jean-Pierre - Senior Engineering Manager at PagerDuty
  • Jewel Burks Soloman - Managing Partner of Collab Capital
  • James Q Quick - Content Creator at Learn Build Teach LLC
  • Tejas Kumar - Director of Developer Relations at Xata
  • Scott Toliniski - Founder of Level Up Tutorials
  • Rachel Lee Nabors - Developer Education Renegade at Myself
  • Bria Sullivan - CTO, Founder of Honey B Games
  • Taylor Poindexter - Engineering Manager of Self
  • Paola Mariselli - Director of Product Design at Bumble
  • Charlie Gerard - Senior Developer Advocate at Stripe
  • Ives Van Hoorne - Co-Founder of CodeSandBox
  • Chris Coyier - Co-Founder of CodePen
  • Charles Kuykendoll - global Lead, Talent Brand at Stripe
  • Monica Powell - Senior Software Engineer at Newsela
  • David Barrett - Founder and CEO of Expensify
  • Evan You - Author, Vue & Vite @ Vue.js / Vite
  • David Beitel - CTO at Zillow
  • Felecia Hatcher - CEO at Black Ambition
  • Jasmine Crowe-Houston - Founder and CEO at Goodr
  • Daylon A. Goff - President of JET
  • and more...!
RenderATL 2023
RenderATL 2023
A Tech Conference, Where Talent Feels Welcomed