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London, United Kingdom

Web3 Live

An event that explores the emerging technologies of Web3, Blockchain and NFT's and how they will shape the digital future


Jun 01 - Jun 02

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About The Event

AI, IoT, Blockchain and the Spatial Web

A new suite of technologies will dictate the shape of the next iteration of the internet. On the first day, we will hone in on these technologies and provide deep-dives into the impact of each of them on the future of human interaction.

Application to Industry

After exploring the technologies on the first day, we will delve into their application to various industries on the second day. How does Web3 relate to sport, music, gaming, art and much more. Discover the impact these technologies will have on our day-to-day lives.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Our events provide unmissable opportunities for attendees to network with like-minded people keen to learn more about what's happening in the industry. Explore new job opportunities, potential hirings for your company and meet some of the most influential people in your area, possibly over a drink or two.

A Night to Remember

Once we have wrapped up the main event on the evening of the second day, you will head down the Thames with 100’s of other professionals to network, collaborate and celebrate. This is a unique opportunity unlike any other, one not to be missed.


  • Dirk Songuer - Microsoft
  • Genevieve Leveille - Agriledger
  • Dr Christina Yan Zhang - The Metaverse Institute
  • Alan Boyd - Metadventures, Limited
  • Yat Siu - Animoca Brands
  • Mili Iyengar - Accenture
  • Amit Singh Rathore - Football Fan App
  • Andres Boveda - Metamask
  • Jon Hook - Playember
  • Chantalle Alberstadt - Metabrewsociety
  • Nzube Ufodike - Amoo Angels
  • Haya Al Husry - Outlier Ventures
  • Beata Wilczek - Unfolding Strategies
  • Mark Forstater - Dreambird
  • Alice Bastin - Wedgwood
  • Nathan Neuman - Dreambird
  • Ajay Mehta - Skor Metaverse
  • Edel Joyce - Cisco
  • Theo Anthony - Web3 Content Creator
  • Martin Andersen - Sony Electronics
  • Jimi Daodu - Vault Hill
  • Jonathan Chippindale - Holition
  • Sam Chamberlain - OKX
  • Jason Cranford Teague - Cranfordteague Digital Strategy
  • Divya Prashanth - HQNFTs
  • Matthew Drinkwater - London College of Fashion
  • Marco Marchesi - The Fabricant
  • Sray Agarwal - Fractal
  • Patrick Masso Walsh - Farrago
  • Dave Carr - Over
  • Syed Rehan - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Justin Banon - Boson Protocol
  • Andrew Brough - IOTA
  • Gareth Malna - Englebert
  • Kaitlin Zhang - Oval Branding
  • Davide Cuttini - Over
  • Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit - Acknoledger
  • Ayo Ogunde - Digital Innovation Strategy Director
  • Chisom Okechukwu - Check DC
  • Kristina Hayhoe - Marketing Consultant
  • Lara Assi - Gimeg (Gulf International Minerals and Energy Group)
  • and more...!
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