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Helsinki, Finland

Aurora Conference

Nordic Web3 Conference


Jun 04 - Jun 04

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About The Event

Web3 technology represents a significant shift in how businesses and authorities can operate in a decentralized and more secure environment. Aurora Conference is the part of Web3 Week.

Web3 week is a space for dialogue and collaboration, where we can explore the potential of Web3 technology and work towards bringing friendly mass adoption closer

Come together to define and discuss the real value of decentralized web.

Define the potential of Web3 technologies beyond the hype at Aurora conference — the first of its kind gathering of innovators and leaders in the Nordics.

Aurora Conference in the numbers:

  • 500+ International Participants
  • 20+ Speakers

Who is the event for?

  • Business
  • Society
  • Government


  • Dennis Huisman - Developer Relations Engineer, Near
  • Max Atallah - Partner at Nordic Law
  • Henri Allik - COO, Stakin
  • Anna Agu - Co-founder and CEO at Lex Law Office OU & Lex Law Office LT UAB
  • Heidi Hurskainen - Founder & CEO of Revon ventures
  • Iryna Tsimashenka - Head of Developer Relations, Protocol Labs
  • Sima Baktas - Web3 Lawyer
  • Mikael Koskimaa - Co-founder and Chief Design Officer
  • Samuel Yim Head of APAC and Deputy General Counsel, 1inch Network
  • Juuso Roinevirta - Head of Product & Growth for Membrane Finance
  • Raido Saar - Chairman of the Board, Estonian Web3 Chamber
  • Jon Hautamäki - Partner at Nordic Law
  • Ferdinand Kobelt - Advisor Swiss Federal Department of Defence
  • Roman Pavlov - Co-Founder, Growth & Portfolio, Mint Ventures
  • Marja Konttinen - Marketing Director, Decentraland
  • Yevheniia Broshevan - CBDO & Co-founder, Hacken
  • Jari Pauna - CEO, Supremacy Games
  • Evan Singh - Luthra Founder CasaNFT, Investor in 400+ Web3 Startups
Web3 Builders
Web3 Builders
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