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Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Blockchain Week

The premier event on digital asset regulation in Europe


Jun 05 - Jun 11

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About The Event

The BBW brings together some of the greatest minds in the financial policy & regulation space, and in the digital asset industry to collaboratively shape the future of this highly promising ecosystem.

With senior representatives from leading European and global institutions, we’ll tackle the most pressing issues facing our financial and monetary systems, such as inflation, debt, and inequality, and explore the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, Bitcoin, DeFi, tokenization, Web3 technology, and more.

Together, we’ll create a unified vision for the future of finance, fostering collaboration and building the world we want to see. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to shape the industry’s future. Register now for the Brussels Blockchain Week!

Join us for the Brussels Blockchain Week, the premier event on digital asset regulation in Europe, taking place on June 7th and 8th, 2023. 

Week: 05.06 - 11.06

Main Conference: 07.06 - 08.06


  • Kevin de Patoul - CEO and Co-Founder at Keyrock
  • Ondrej Kovarik - Member of the European Parliament (ECON) and shadow rapporteur on MiCA and TFR
  • Dr. Joachim Schwerin - Principal Economist at DG Grow (European Commission)
  • Arnaud Caudoux - Deputy CEO at BPI France
  • Patrick Hansen - Director, EU Strategy & Policy at Circle
  • Max Boonen - Co-founder of PV01, formerly co-founder of B2C2
  • Maria Eisner Pelch - Senior Manager, ESG & Sustainability Lead at Concordium
  • Joao Rodrigues Frade - Head of Sector (Digital) Building Blocks and Blockchain at European Commission
  • Pierre Noizat - Founder and CEO at Paymium
  • Faustine Fleuret - President and CEO of the Association for the Development of Crypto-Assets Adan
  • Emilie Raffo - Founding partner & Head of Sales at ChainSecurity
  • Salman Banaei - Head of Policy at Uniswap Labs
  • Laura Chaput - Head of Regulatory Compliance at Keyrock
  • William Piquard - Co-founder of Atka
  • Pablo Veyrat - Co-founder at Angle Protocol
  • Pascal Tallarida - Founder and business developper at Jarvis Network
  • Ambre Soubiran - CEO of Kaiko
  • Pierre Morizot - Co-founder CEO at Waltio
  • Pierre Person - Former MP
  • Claude Eguienta - CEO at Mimo Capital
  • Gaspard Peduzzi - Co-founder of APWine
  • Justine Houge & Anthony Taormine - CEO of Monopole & CFO/co-founder
  • Tamara Ferreira Schmidt - Executive Director, Digital Euro Association
  • Marijke Wouters - Operations & Finance Manager at Venly
  • Lesley Chavkin - Head of Policy for the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF)
  • Jeremy Fluxman - Head of Legal at Morpho Labs
  • Rebecca Rettig - Chief Policy Officer & Sr. Legal Advisor at Polygon Labs
  • Cyrille Pastour - Co-founder and Co-CEO at Swaap Labs
  • Nathan van der Heyden - Ecosystem Lead at Snapshot
  • Alexandra Sasha - 1st Deputy to Danish Parliament & entrepreneur
  • and more...!
Brussels Blockchain Week
Brussels Blockchain Week
The leading conference on digital asset regulation & tokenization in Europe