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Prague, Czech Republic

BTC Prague

The biggest, most influential bitcoin event in Europe ever!


Jun 08 - Jun 10

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About The Event

The ultimate, Europe’s most influential bitcoin-only event bringing the biggest bitcoin voices to the heart of Europe. We are building bridges and strengthening connections within the European bitcoin space and beyond as we all wish for a thriving bitcoin Europe and the world.

We believe in self-sovereignty!

In freedom, equity, and decentralization. In positive power of knowledge, innovation, and progress. We value the future over the present. We are convinced that having good money again, after decades, will cultivate healthy, thriving economies and societies. We believe in bitcoin.

And we are going above and beyond to make sure BTC Prague goes down in history as the most exciting meetup of European bitcoiners and further sovereign individuals from far away.

BTC Prague in the numbers:

  • 100+ Curated world-class bitcoin speakers on 4 stages
  • 100+ Companies & open-source projects at the Expo
  • 10 000+ Attendees from all across Europe and beyond

Who is the event for?

One group consists of bitcoiners from all around the world who are familiar with the topics and are looking for deeper insights and to meet like-minded people.

The other group is people who have heard about bitcoin, want to get introduced to it, or are slowly getting into bitcoin. They will receive full service at the event, including information and testing of bitcoin products and services.


  • Michael Saylor - Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy
  • Adam Back - Co-founder & CEO of Blockstream
  • Saifedean Ammous - Bitcoin author and economist
  • Marek Palatinus - Co-founder of SatoshiLabs
  • hodlonaut - Bitcoin cat in a spacesuit, Community Leader
  • Robert Breedlove - Host of the "What is Money?" show
  • Abubakar Nur Khalil - CEO of Recursive Capital
  • Samantha de Waal - 12-year-old bitcoiner, Influencer
  • Aleks Svetski - Bitcoin author & podcaster
  • Giacomo Zucco - Bitcoin entrepreneur & consultant
  • Autumn Domingo - Co-Founder of Generation Bitcoin & Head Designer of Bitcoin Bytes
  • Developer
  • Jameson Lopp - Founder & CTO of Casa
  • Stephan Livera - Host of “Stephan Livera Podcast”
  • Obi Nwosu - CEO of Fedi
  • Pavol Rusnák - Co-founder of SatoshiLabs
  • Dennis Reimann - BTCPay Server Dev & Co-Host at Einundzwanzig
  • R0ckstar Dev - Head of Bitcoin at Strike
  • Filip Karadjordjevic - CSO at JAN3, Influencer
  • Peter Todd - Cryptochronomancer / web-π dev
  • Lauren Prince - Co-host of “Once BITten” podcast, Author
  • Jan Čapek - Co-founder of Braiins, Developer
  • Roman Reher - Founder of YT channel "Blocktrainer", Influencer
  • Alena Vránová - Co-founder of SatoshiLabs, Entrepreneur
  • Wiz - CEO of, Entrepreneur
  • Eric Weiss - Founder & CIO for Bitcoin Investment Group, Entrepreneur
  • Anna Chekhovich - CFO at The Anti-Corruption Foundation, Activist
  • Juraj Bednár - Cypherpunk author & entrepreneur
  • Ben Arc - Creator of LNbits
  • Anita Posch - Bitcoin educator & author
  • and more...!
BTC Prague
BTC Prague
We are bringing the Bitcoin Europe closer together