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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague DeFi Summit

A conference focused on evaluating and discussing the current state of DeFi and its interaction with TradFi


Jun 08 - Jun 09

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About The Event

The Prague DeFi Summit is a conference focused on evaluating and discussing the current state of decentralized finance (DeFi) and its interaction with traditional finance (TradFi). The event aims to showcase the existing and upcoming products within the DeFi ecosystem, including protocols, interfaces, and other tools designed for a bankless future.

At Prague DeFi Summit, you'll have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and visionaries, explore the latest trends and technologies, and be a part of shaping the future of DeFi. Plus, we've got some juicy surprises in store for conference attendees, including delicious snacks to keep you fueled throughout the conference.


  • Mona El Isa - Avantage / Enzyme
  • Julien Bouteloup - Stake Capital Group
  • Radek Svarz - AlzheimerChain
  • Sasha Tanase - Web3UX
  • Marc Zeller - AAVE-Chan Initiative
  • Will Harborne - Rhino FI
  • Naim Ashhab - PWN
  • Avihu Mordechai Levy - StarkWare
  • Arnaud Castillo - CrunchDAO
  • Stanislav Šimek - Dromi
  • Alexei Zamyatin - Interlay
  • Jogundas Armaitis - HOYU.IO
  • Lior Zaks - Stake Capital
  • Friederike Ernst - Gnosis
  • Gabija Tuinaite - Mangrove
  • Rosco Kalis - Revoke Cash
  • James Glasscock - Reserve
  • Gaspard Peduzzi - APWine
  • Tom McLean - Vega Protocol
  • arseneeth - Daoism Systems
  • Zaki Manian - Sommelier / Iqlusion
  • Marijo Radman - Solity Network
  • Pavel Machalek - Microlea
  • thefett - Tellor
  • Matteo - Pragma Oracle
  • Cyrille Pastour - Swaap Finance
  • Yaron Velner - B.PROTOCOL
  • Alex - CoW Swap
  • and more...!
Paralelni Polis
Paralelni Polis
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