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Prague, Czech Republic


Where Cypherpunks meet Solarpunk!


Jun 09 - Jun 11

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About The Event

ETHPrague is both conference and hackathon that will feature talks, workshops, and hands-on activities across a range of tracks, including Societal Challenges, Solarpunk Visions, Ethereum Stack, Hands-On Workshops, and the Ethereum Community. Whether you're a developer, entrepreneur, or simply a blockchain enthusiast, you'll find plenty of inspiration and opportunities to learn and connect with others.

This year, we're doubling the capacity of our hackathon to accommodate 500 hackers, giving you the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals and bring your innovative ideas to life. Plus, we've got some juicy surprises in store for conference attendees, including delicious snacks to keep you fueled throughout the conference.

At ETHPrague, you'll have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and visionaries, explore the latest trends and technologies, and be a part of shaping the future of Ethereum.


Are you ready to build a more sustainable and decentralized future? Whether you're a developer, student, hacker, designer, researcher, thinker, engineer, project manager, or beyond, join the ETHPrague hackathon and bring your ideas to life or collaborate with others to build something impactful.

The hackathon will primarily be offline to focus on real-life collaborations, and hackathon projects can win in multiple categories. Hackers will be provided with meals and have access to high-quality technical workshops and talks at both Prague DeFi Summit and ETHPrague to level up their skills, and get plenty of inspiration and motivation to build.

Apply now to secure your spot! Only confirmed hackers are eligible to participate in the hackathon and compete for both project-specific sponsored prizes and the following awards:

  • Sustainability & Urbanism - 2500 EUR
  • Regenerative Finance & Decentralized Economies - 2500 EUR
  • Community, Activism & Accessibility - 2500 EUR
  • Social Impact - 2500 EUR
  • Ethereum Future - 2500 EUR
  • Hackers' Favorite - 2500 EUR
  • Audience’s Favorite - 2500 EUR

Speakers, Mentors & Judges

  • Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum Foundation
  • Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz - Long Now
  • Saskia Sassen - Columbia University
  • Brewster Kahle - Internet Archive/ Alexa Internet
  • Stani Kulechov - Aave & Lens Protocol
  • Gene Kogan - Eden.Art
  • Tim Beiko - Ethereum Foundation
  • Josef J - PWN
  • Amir Taaki - DarkFi
  • Karl Floersch - OP Labs
  • Dr. Marina Steinkirch - Ethereum Foundation
  • Luc Van Kampen (Luc.Computer) - ENS / V3xlabs.eth
  • Burak Arikan - Graphcommons
  • Lefteris Karapetsas - Rotki
  • Alex Gluchowski - Matter Labs/ zkSync
  • Guillaume Ballet - Go Ethereum
  • Lightclient - Go Ethereum
  • Dcbuilder.eth - Worldcoin
  • Rhys Williams - University Of Glasgow
  • Camila Ramos Garzon - Fuel Labs
  • Dustin Jacobus - DustinJacobus.Com
  • Ferit Tunçer - Prove Us Wrong
  • Miao Zhicheng - Superfluid
  • Nader Dabit - Aave & Lens Protocol
  • Puncar -
  • Cryptowanderer - Kernel.Community
  • Martin Baric - Zero Architecture
  • Katherine Radeka - Rapid Learning Cycles
  • Daniel Lumi
  • Nicolas Manea - Cardiff University
  • Mário Havel - Ethereum Foundation
  • Abeer Sharma - The University Of Hong Kong
  • and more...!
Paralelni Polis
Paralelni Polis
Institute of Cryptoanarchy, Hackers Congress, Streaming studio