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Paris, France

Proof of Talk

The most prestigious Web3 summit in Europe


Jun 14 - Jun 15

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About The Event

Proof of Talk is the most exclusive content-driven conference of 2023, hosted in the Musée des Art décoratifs in the Louvre Palace in Paris. The most prestigious Web3 summit in Europe, gathering the brightest minds for meaningful conversations and collaboration.

We foster in-depth discussions and drive innovation in Web3 by uniting some of the worlds most relevant:

  • Business Leaders
  • Top-Tier Investors
  • Impactful Entrepreneurs
  • Opinion Leaders

The event curates meaningful interactions through in-depth discussions, elite match-making, curated media interactions, workshops and break-out sessions.

Discover a Refreshing Alternative to Traditional Conferences: the Anti-Conference Experience. Join us for an event that breaks away from convention and dives deep into the heart of meaningful discussions and collaboration!

Proof of Talk in the numbers:

  • 75+ Speakers: Most impressive roster in Web3 events
  • >90% of attendees: industry leaders, investors & entrepreneurs
  • <1000 attendees to ensure quality networking in intimate circle
  • 2 Days in Paris, in one of the most exclusive venues


Day 1 - Bringing Trust back to Web3

"Bringing Trust back into Web3" is a movement to shape the future of the Web3 industry with integrity and purpose and restore trust in the decentralised revolution. By coming together to discuss the most pressing issues in a forum, we can collaborate and create initiatives that shape the future and pave the path for trust. On Day 1 the changemakers of the industry meet to discuss and debate the future of Web3.

Agenda: Forum & Panels as basis for joint industry report on key takeaways

Day 2 - Ignite the Industry - Investors & StartUps

This day is dedicated to the world’s most exclusive gathering of Web3 relevant investors and the most promising and pre-selected Startups. This is our chance to bring together the brightest minds to drive progress in the web3 industry. This event is specifically designed to ignite creativity and provide opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations.

Reasons to Attend

  • Unparalleled Speaker Lineup

Most impressive rosters in any Web3 event (75+ Speakers)

  • Prestigious Audience

90% of attendees: Web3 decision-makers

  • Exclusive Networking

Deliberately limited to <1,000 participants for quality networking

  • Shape the Industry's Future

Play an active role in restoring trust and driving innovation in Web3

  • Elite Matchmaking

Witness an exclusive matchmaking day designed for top-tier VCs and handpicked startups.


  • Charles Hoskinson - Cardano, Founder
  • Pascal Gauthier - Ledger, Chairman and CEO
  • Stani Kulechov - Aave, Founder and CEO
  • Staci Warden - Algorand Foundation, CEO
  • Michael Blank - Polygon Labs, COO
  • Marieke Flament - NEAR Foundation, CEO
  • Dr. Leemon Baird - Hedera, Founder
  • Robby Yung - Animoca Brands, CEO
  • Lennix Lai - OKX, Managing Director
  • Beniamin Mincu - MultiversX, Co-Founder and CEO
  • John Wu - Ava Labs, President
  • Alicia Kao - KuCoin, Managing Director
  • Justin Sun - Tron, Founder
  • James Tromans - Google Cloud, Web3 Director
  • Sébastien Borget - The Sandbox, Co-Founder and COO
  • Gracy Chen - Bitget, Managing Director
  • Brynly Llyr - World Economic Forum, Head of Blockchain & Digital Assets
  • Owen Simonin (Hasheur) - Meria, Founder & CEO
  • Matthew Sigel - VanEck, Head of Digital Assets Research
  • Jon Fink Isaksen - Uniswap, EMEA Policy
  • J.M. Porup - Ava Labs, CISO
  • Brian O'hagan - Sorare, Growth Lead
  • Andrew Robinson - Coinbase, Institutional Sales & Trading
  • Michael Jackson - Fabric Ventures, Director
  • Leeor Groen - Spartan Group, Managing Director
  • Joon Kim - Mina Foundation, Board Member
  • Charles Adkins - Aptos, Global Lead BD
  • Laszlo Szabo - Kiln, Co-Founder & CEO
  • and more...!
Proof of Talk
Proof of Talk
Web3's Most Exclusive Content-Driven Summit