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Paris, France

Blockchain Oracle Summit

The Only Summit To Focus On Oracles


Jul 21 - Jul 22

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About The Event

For the second summer in a row, leaders in the oracle space will get together in Paris for BOS23. The only event to focus solely on oracles, BOS23 is the place to be for anyone looking to use, build or research oracles at the highest level.

When oracles fail, hundreds of millions can be lost. Yet, the space has no agreed-upon set of best practices, standards or even nomenclature.

The goal of the Blockchain Oracle Summit is to bring builders, users and investors together, to accelerate growth in the oracle space.

While scaling oracles to meet growing demand for off-chain data, careful attention needs to be paid to maintaining costs, decentralization, trust and more. Immutable blockchains need to be complemented by the most robust oracle networks.

With a highly technical, focused agenda featuring speakers from most leading oracle networks and their end users, BOS23 features all the latest developments in moving data on-chain.

Our free pass program means that students and independent developers have a rare opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leaders in the blockchain space.


  • Guillaume Nervo - Core Contributor, Angle Protocol
  • Saša Milić - Researcher, Independent
  • Patrick McClurg - Software Engineer, Protocol Labs – Drand
  • Edmund Edgar - Founder, Reality.eth
  • 0xGorilla - CTO, Price Oracle – DeFi Wonderland
  • W3iser Hase - Tech Lead, Sidechain Oracle – DeFi Wonderland
  • Tomás Ruiz - Tech Lead, Witnet
  • Rick Pardoe - Co-founder, Liquity
  • Brenda Loya - Co-founder-CEO, Tellor
  • Mario Cao - Head of Research, Principal Engineer, SEDA
  • Simon Schmid - Dev Experience Manager, Edge & Node
  • Yaron Velner - CEO, B.Protocol
  • Alberto Melon - Co-founder, Crotalus Labs
  • Susannah Evans - IBC Product Lead, Interchain Foundation
  • Ismael Hishon-Rezaizadeh - Co-founder, Lagrange Labs
  • Laurence Kirk - Founder-CEO, Extropy
  • Rahul Sethuram - Co-founder-CTO, Connext Network
  • Hilmar Orth - Founder, Gelato Network
  • Jakub Wojciechowski - Founder-CEO, RedStone Finance
  • Steffen Schuldenzucker - Head of Research, Superluminal Labs – Gyroscope
  • Clément Lesaege - Co-founder-CTO, Kleros
  • Oleg Lodygensky - CTO, iExec
  • Barney Mannerings - Founder, Vega Protocol
  • Jacob Greene - Research Lea, API3
  • Marlene Ronstedt - Director of Communications, Hyper Oracle
  • Marc Zeller - Founder, Aave Chan Initiative
  • Dr. Shelven Zhou - Lead Researcher, Phala Network
  • and more...!
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