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Copenhagen, Denmark

Polkadot Decoded

The World’s Largest Web3 Multichain Ecosystem


Jun 28 - Jun 29

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About The Event

Embrace the evolution

In the past year, Polkadot has rapidly evolved from one of the most advanced and secure tech stacks in the industry into the largest multichain ecosystem in Web3. And as the community’s flagship event, Polkadot Decoded is evolving with it.

Polkadot Decoded is back as a fully hybrid experience, featuring in-person and virtual events, multiple stages & networking areas, and much more.

Join the Polkadot community, Web3 enthusiasts, and blockchain & dApp builders to explore the latest developments in the Polkadot ecosystem:

  • Discover the benefits of Polkadot’s tech stack
  • Find out how Polkadot is leading the way to the multichain future
  • Gain insights from the visionaries and innovators in the Web3 space
  • Learn about innovative use cases possible only on Polkadot.
  • Explore the most innovative projects in the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and foster collaboration

Bonus point - Exclusive attendance NFTs

Everyone attending Polkadot Decoded 2023 will receive a unique NFT from the new Decoded Hybrid Collection. This exclusive series of science fiction artwork provides a unique, tangible representation of participation in the Decoded event, and comes in three tiers, each with distinct characteristics.

What to expect?

  • Main stage

Showcasing keynote speakers, presentations of the Polkadot vision, and exciting updates & announcements.

  • Impact stage

High-level talks on the Polkadot movement and its progress toward achieving the full potential of Web3.

  • Tech stage

Interactive, hands-on sessions for developers and enthusiasts to dive deep into Polkadot's technology.

  • Ecosystem showcase stage

Project presentations and demos, highlighting the multitude of ways Polkadot empowers Web3 builders.

  • Showcase stations

Experience the latest Polkadot projects and applications firsthand, and meet the teams behind them.

  • Meeting rooms

The perfect setting for attendees and ecosystem participants to connect one-on-one or in smaller groups.

  • Networking areas

Engage with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and forge lasting bonds over food, drinks, and entertainment.

  • Event app

With Polkadot's new Event App, you can easily connect and set up online and in-person meetings.

  • Virtual event

Register for a free Polkadot Decoded 2023 virtual ticket to access all content and networking opportunities online.

  • Worldwide watch parties

Experience Decoded 2023 with fellow Polkadot peeps at one of local community-hosted watch parties.

Polkadot x Encode Hackathon

Join the exclusive hackathon hosted by Encode Club at the Polkadot Decoded 2023 venue.

Dive right into the code, experience the power of Polkadot firsthand, and compete for amazing prizes and bounties.


  • David Finkelstein - Chief Vibe Architect, OAK Network
  • Alberto Viera - Developer Relations, Moonbeam
  • Daniel Bigos - Solution Engineer, Parity Technologies
  • Ross Bulat - Senior Software Engineer, Parity Technologies
  • Alex Wilke - Co-Founder, Pendulum
  • Christian Vinciguerra - Growth Manager, Bifrost Finance
  • Aleksandar Brayanov - Blockchain Engineer, Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network
  • Alex Siman - Founder, Subsocial
  • Kasper Joergensen - Co-Founder, Polimec
  • Sam Elamin - Lead Engineer, Imbue Network
  • Björn Wagner - CEO, Parity Technologies
  • Robert Habermeier - Founder, Parity Technologies
  • James Wo - Founder & CEO, DFG
  • Jeffery Edell - Chairman & CEO, MeWe
  • Alan Vey - CEO, Aventus
  • Sergio Mottola - President / CSO, Public Pressure / Moonsama
  • Ingo Rübe - Founder, KILT Protocol
  • David Palmer - Blockchain Lead, Vodafone
  • Ed Hill - SVP Media Services, Beatport
  • Joachim Schwerin - Principal Economist, European Commission, DG GROW
  • Maurizio Beni - Former Director, Heathrow Airport
  • Braxton Woodham - President, Amplica Labs
  • Mark Cachia - CIO & Founder, Scytale Digital
  • Steve Stover - VP of Product Marketing, Parity Technologies
  • Giulia Maresca - Founder & CEO, Public Pressure
  • Micha Bitterli - Head of Managed Services, Deloitte AG
  • Finn Martin - Founder, Define Creative
  • Ioannis Vlachos - Commercial Director, Energy Web
  • Omar Elassar (Moderator) - Head of Ecosystem Growth, Parity Technologies
  • Daniel Schoenberger - Chief Legal Officer, Web3 Foundation
  • Rick Dugdale - President, CEO, Enderby Entertainment
  • ... and more!
Polkadot is a sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together seamlessly