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Oradea, Romania

Unchain Fintech Festival

Brings together bankers, financial institutions, technology providers, startups, investors and other relevant stakeholders of the Central and Eastern European


Jun 29 - Jun 30

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About The Event

Fintech is the new hero of an old story – the story of money. You are writing it right now, as we speak. With all the innovation you are building day by day. We began a new chapter together at Unchain 2022 and we will go on year after year.

At Unchain Fintech Festival you'll find the space where the ecosystem meets and great minds define together the future of money and technology. Create lasting business relationships with the who’s who of CEE finance, technology and investment, to take you to the next level.

The Central and Eastern Europe joint platform for business, innovation, cross-border collaboration, to define what’s next in finance and technology. Will you be there?

Who you'll meet?

  • Financial institutions

Regulatory authorities, central banks, retail & commercial banks, internet banks, savings & loans associations, brokerage firms, insurance & mortgage companies

  • Technology providers

Cloud services, financial infrastructure, payments, lending, insurance, security, regulatory compliance and many other international players

  • Fintech innovators

The up-and-coming CEE companies in fintech & blockchain joining on stage to showcase their innovations and disruptive technologies

  • Ecosystem players

The CEE fintech ecosystem growth network focused on strengthening cross-collaboration and cooperation at a regional level


  • Nic Balaceanu - Lendrise
  • Weronika Chrzanowska - ITCARD
  • Nicolae Damu - tbi Bank
  • Augustin Dobre - Twispay
  • Dominic Lynch - GoStudent
  • Ivo Gueorguiev - Paynetics
  • Jose Moreno - International Finance Corporation
  • Szymon Stasczak - VISA
  • Simon Anko - National Bank of Slovenia
  • Branislav Beer - VISA
  • Adolfo Laurenti - VISA
  • Alex Panican - Luxembourg House Of Financial Technology
  • Filip Šaravanja - Aircash
  • Joe Paterson - Currencycloud
  • Roland Bódi - Magyar Nemzeti Bank
  • Linardo Martinčević - Hrvatska Narodna Banka
  • Daniela Ivanova - RYVYL (EU)
  • Jan Ziomek - Polish Financial Authority
  • Antony Welfare - Ripple
  • Alexandra Baicu - Google Cloud
  • Andrzej Dominiak - Banca Transilvania
  • Deyan Radev - University of Sofia
  • Raluca Micu - National Bank of Romania
  • Maike Hornung - VISA
  • Jiri Skopovy - Seed Starter
  • Didier Lepoutre - Enfineo
  • Cristian Mustata - BCR
  • Vasile A. Strat - Bucharest University Of Economic Studies
  • and more...!
Unchain Fintech Festival
Unchain Fintech Festival
A unique opportunity to discuss the latest trends, create business opportunities and spark innovation in fintech & blockchain