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Berlin, Germany


Our Mission is to Spread The Awesomeness Via CosmWasm!


Jul 12 - Jul 13

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About The Event

This is where it All Started. Magic Berlin. A reminiscent choice to look back and see how far we've gotten together.

AwesomWasm 2023 is the first conference and hackathon CosmWasm-focused, hosted by Confio GmbH. It brings together all Cosmos mega-minds and offers diverse opportunities in terms of business development, but it also facilitates learning and building with CosmWasm.

Join us for an incredible CosmWasm event! The AwesomWasm conference will start on the 12-13th July, followed by HackWasm, which will start on the 14-16th of July (an exciting hackathon where you can unleash your creativity and build your own dApp using CosmWasm).


  • Gabe - Smart contract developer at Delphi Labs
  • Ethan - Father of CosmWasm / Co-founder of Confio
  • Sunny Aggarwal - Co-founder of Osmosis
  • Misang - VP of Sales and Marketing at Confio
  • Vlad Frolov - Co-founder NEAR DevHub
  • Jake Hartnell - Co-founder of Juno
  • Luis Quispe Gonzales - Senior Security Architect at Halborn
  • Simon - Co-founder of Confio
  • Larry - Blockchain enthusiast and smart contract developer
  • Belsy Yuen - Core Dev, Vectis by NYMLAB
  • Javier Aceña - Core Dev, Vectis by NYMLAB
  • Adair Kelley - Co-founder of Abstract
  • Brian Breslow - BD & Venture Analyst, DoraHacks
  • Dan Lynch - Founder of Cosmology
  • Dimi - Co-founder of Juno
  • Andres Monty - Co-founder of Range
  • Griffin Anderson - CEO of Phi Labs & Founder of Archway
  • Jeffrey Hu - HashKey Capital Tech Lead
  • Jeroen Develter - Persistence Ecosystem Lead
  • Jesse Chung - Founder of Newmetric
  • Daniel Hwang - Co-founder of Kintsugi Tech
  • Joseph Lee - Business Developer at Finschia
  • Josh Lee - Co-founder of Osmosis, Keplr
  • Marc Martino - Co-founder of Yieldmos
  • Martin Arrivets - Co-founder of nRide
  • Noam Cohen - Builders Program Contributor
  • Shane Vitarana, Co-founder of Stargaze
  • and more...!
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