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Berlin, Germany

HackWasm 2023

Synergy Among Devs and Businesses


Jul 14 - Jul 16

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About the event

We are Confio, the creators of CosmWasm, CosmJS, and other essential technology for the Cosmos ecosystem. We build tools for blockchain developers to deliver amazing products efficiently and easily.

The Confio team supported other events in 2020-2022, from being judges to mentors and workshop trainers, and built out our know-how expanded networks.

After having eye-witnessed the growth and maturity of the CosmWasm community, Confio, the creator and key maintainer of CosmWasm, is ready, and most importantly, the community is ready.

Now we are hosting the very first CosmWasm-specific hackathon.

What is CosmWasm?

CosmWasm is a Cosmos-native cross-chain smart contract engine based on Wasm, designed from the ground up with a security-first mentality.

Over 60% of IBC-integrated blockchains and over 30 L1 blockchains are using it, and the adoption is accelerating at lightspeed.

It is the only smart contract platform for public blockchains with meaningful, speedy adoption outside the EVM world.

Expected audience:

  • CosmWasm community
  • Web2 and web3 devs
  • Local & Students

Prize and benefits 

Four tracks from four platinum sponsors, a total prize of $ 40k in fiat. Each sponsor decides their own track based on the below prize distribution for each track.

  • 1st - $5k
  • 2nd - $3k
  • 3rd - $2k


  • Aura Network
  • Finschia
  • OKP4
  • Neutron

Judging Criteria

  • Innonative

Is it the most inovative solution?

  • Impactful

Is it impactful to the ecosystem?

  • Realistic

Can it be done in the real world?

  • Creative and original

Is it original and the most creative?

  • Business value / Market fit

Does it offer any business values?

Does it have a potential product-market fit?

With deep technical knowledge of blockchain, web & mobile app development, we offer a robust & easy-to-use solution