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Paris, France

Stable Summit

Technical conversations about Stablecoins at the highest level


Jul 15 - Jul 16

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About The Event

From the most original OGs to the freshest beginners making their first purchase on a CEX, everyone in blockchain interacts with stablecoins. In spite of hundreds of millions of users, hundreds of billions in combined market caps, and trillions in annual settlements, the stablecoin space still lacks standards, best practices or even just nomenclature in research.

The StableSummit is the only place for leaders across the stablecoin ecosystem to come together and discuss the challenges and possibilites they encounter in their work, moving the industry towards more collaboration and true mass adoption. The inaugural Stable Summit is powered by Curve Finance, the premier stablecoin trading DEX.


  • Sam Macpherson - Co-Founder, Spark Protocol
  • Robert Lauko - Founder/Head of Research, Liquity
  • Taylor Brent - Lead Protocol Engineer, Reserve
  • Garett Jones - Chief Economist, Bluechip
  • Steffen Schuldenzucker - Head of Research, Superluminal Labs: Gyroscope
  • Pablo Veyrat - Core Contributor, Angle Protocol
  • Nadiem Sissouno - Head of Economics, Mento Labs
  • Brandon Iles - Co-founder/CTO, Fragments Inc.: Ampleforth
  • Erwan Mismaque - COO, BackedFi
  • Marc Zeller - Founder, Aave Chan Initiative
  • Julien Bouteloup - Founder/Core Contributor, Stake Capital Group/Curve
  • Noah Litvin - Core Contributor, Synthetix
  • Wei3er Hase - Technical Lead, DeFi Wonderland
  • Raymond Yeh - CTO, Bluejay Finance
  • Xin Wan - Researcher, Uniswap Labs
  • Seraphim Czecker - DeFi Expansionist, Lido Finance
  • Anna Mehrlander - Product Manager, Centrifuge
  • Claude Eguienta - CEO, Mimo
  • Pascal Tallarida - Founder, Jarvis
  • Defi Dave - Core Contributor, Frax Finance
  • Benjamin - Co-founder, QiDao
  • Mier Bank - Co-founder, Fluid Protocol
  • Peter Grosskopf - Co-founder/CTO, Unstoppable Finance
  • Irene Wu - Head of Strategy, Layer Zero Labs
  • Stani Kulechov - Founder & CEO, Aave Companies
  • Arjun Kalsi - Head of Ecosystem, Mantle Network
  • David Garai - Founder, Raft
  • Jerome De Tychey - Founder/CEO, Cometh
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