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Building on Mina: Workshop & Hackathon

Let's build on Mina Protocol


Jun 26 - Jul 04

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About The Event

​Mina's zkApps are smart contract applications powered by Zero-Knowledge technology, offering users privacy, security and verifiability.

The Hackathon kicks off with a workshop (Monday, the 26th June) where he’ll be helping everyone get started Building zkApps with Typescript and SnarkyKS on the Mina Protocol.

​Join us to explore Mina and start building zkApps with TypeScript and SnarkJS in preparation for our upcoming Hackathon with Mina, where you'll have the chance to win 1000s of $$$$ in prizes.

Workshop details

Hackathon Details

  • Start Date: Tuesday 27th June
  • Duration: 1 Week (Fully remote)
  • Submission Deadline: Tuesday 4th July @ 23:59pm UTC
  • Judges: Angus (DevRel @ Mina), Mina Team

Rewards Pool

Our prizes are split between project submissions, starter kits and technical blogs.

Main prizes:​

  • 1st Place - 1,000 USDC + 2,500 Mina tokens
  • 2nd Place - 800 USDC + 2,000 Mina Tokens
  • 3rd Place - 500 USDC + 1,000 MINA

Other Prize pools:

  • Top 3 Technical Blogs - 200 USDC + 300 MINA
  • Top 3 Starter Kits - 200 USDC + 300 MINA

CODE Rewards:

At Developer DAO we reward builders in elevated Governance in the DAO via our $CODE Token, rewards will be doubled for submission from teams.

  • ​All verified submissions - Share 5000 CODE Reward Pool
  • Non-Members who submit - 400 CODE Tokens each

Challenge Description / Ideas:

  • Zk price oracle
  • Zk Identiy Provider
  • Anonymous Transfers
  • Zerocoin Implementation
  • Safe interoperability of private enterprise data with public smart contracts
  • Private DAO voting
  • Easy to spin up zkRollups
  • Real world financial data brought into Mina privately for DEfi
  • Anonymized proof of on-chain information
  • An app that uses health, medical, or patient data
  • An app that involves University grades
  • An app related to credit mortgages and finance

Judging Criteria

Judging will have multiple criteria:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Difficulty of the idea

Starter kits

Should be extremely well documented, explain all details about the repo and code. Should be able to “fork and go” without having to refer to the “docs.” They should allow the user to not worry about compiling but be able to just start experimenting with the code to see what it can do.

Technical Blogs

Should explain what Mina Protocol is. How to get started in the Eco system. What are the advantages of working in the Mini Protocol platform and ecosystem. A great “how to” with references and great breakdown explanations.

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Developer DAO
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