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Orlando, Florida, USA

The World Web3 Conference

The Web 3 Event Of The Year: Unleashing The Power of Decentralization


Aug 04 - Aug 06

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About The Event

Join 1,500+ of the world’s brightest minds in AI, blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 technologies at the TWC Conference to learn, share secrets and connect in person.

For three days, TWC Conference will feature 6+ tracks focused on AI, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, Crypto, consisting of hyper-focused speeches, panels and live Q&A sessions to help take your business to the next level.

The World Web3 Conference (TWC) is dedicated to providing a genuine educational experience, showcasing the practical implementation of web3 technology in everyday life and business.

Unparalleled Web3 leaders share their secrets, providing actionable insights, data-driven knowledge, and innovative ideas. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

TWC by the numbers:

  • 1500+ Attendees
  • 40+ Speakers
  • 6+ Tracks

Key Tracks

  • Web3 Technology
  • Blockchain Technology
  • The Metaverse
  • Cryptocurrency Technology
  • NFT Utility Technology
  • AI Automation


  • Jason Neubauer - Co-Host/Founder & CEO of Affect Change
  • Dave Rothfeld - Former General Manager of Bose & Executive V.P. Sales at Gulf+Western (Viacom)
  • Sharon Knoller - Global Strategy/BizDev crypto/web3/ blockchain. Crypto Educator
  • Matt Barlett - CAIA & Head of NFT Community & Web3 at VanEck
  • Michelle Joubert - Strategic Partnerships & Community Development
  • Johanna Murillo - Brand Strategist / Speaker / Brand Builder with Chat GPT
  • Nicholas Hildebrandt - Co-Founder/CEO
  • Gianfranco Lopane - President - Smarterverse
  • Rebecca Rose - Artist & Web3 Curator
  • Katherine Lopez - TV Advertising / Big Data and Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Ivan Mercado - Business Architect & Data Driven Problem Solver / Co-Founder of Org Dev Group / Intelligent Automation
  • Yemi Adekanmi - Security & Fashion Web3 Consultant
  • Crypto Megan - High-End Crypto & NFT Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Crypto Megan Podcast Host
  • Stefan Langefeld - Senior Digital Entertainment Executive Advisor and Investor
  • Michael Gorritz, ODCP - CEO/Founder of Org Dev Group
  • Anna Gandrabura - Founder, Educator, Community Builder
  • Darin Myman - CEO DatChat, Inc.
  • Paul Secor - Founder, NFT Orlando President, Secor Strategies