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Barcelona, Spain

ZCon 4

The Future Has Not Been Written


Jul 30 - Aug 01

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About The Event

Zcon is the annual Zcash conference with a focus on Zcash and privacy-preserving technologies. This event highlights the importance of not only the development, research and technology of Zcash, but also the vibrant community and ecosystem that is being built around the protocol.

This year’s theme is “The Future Has Not Been Written.” This year we strive for all attendees to not only learn about updates in the ecosystem but we hope to inspire positive change within the cryptography world.

Zcon4 will also have a virtual component, so that community members who are unable to attend in-person, can still view and participate in the event. 

Related events

This year the Zcash Foundation is partnering with and Inversed Tech to host a week - ZK week - focused on Zero Knowledge, Zcash, privacy and crypto in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

The Crypto Lounge Experience (CLE): One day before Zcon4, Daniel Benarroch (Inversed Tech) and Anaïs Querol (O(1) Labs) are co-hosting this unique cryptography experience, in partnership with the Zcash Foundation and IMDEA. Your path is calling, it is time for you to join the sages and receive the hidden wisdom of advanced cryptography. They are waiting for you for this experience in a secret location in Barcelona on Saturday, July 29th. Do not be late.

  • Saturday, July 29
  • Location: It's a secret! 

ZKProof Workshop 5.5: The day following Zcon4 is co-hosting a must-attend intimate event for cryptographers and developers interested in the cutting-edge field of zero-knowledge proofs. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with other experts in the field and help share the future of zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Wednesday, August 2; 9:00- 17:00 CEST 
  • Location: Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel


  • Jack Gavigan - Zcash Foundation
  • Arantxa - Ethereum Foundation
  • Conrado Gouvêa - Zcash Foundation
  • Matthew Watt - Nighthawk Apps
  • Josh Swihart - Electric Coin Co.
  • Ahmed Ghappour - Nym Technologies / Boston University School of Law
  • Mark Henderson - Equilibrium
  • Daniel Benarroch - QEDIT
  • Mary Maller - Ethereum Foundation and PQShield
  • Michael Guimarães - Zcash Brazil Ambassador
  • Paul Puey - Edge
  • Rene Vergara - Vergara Technologies LLC
  • Ryan Taylor - ZFAV
  • ZecMec - ZFAV
  • Nate Wilcox - Electric Coin Co.
  • Anca Nitulescu - Protocol Labs
  • Skylar Saveland - free2Zz
  • Enrico - Ethereum Foundation / PSE
  • Alexey Koren - QEDIT
  • Kurt Opsahl - Filecoin Foundation
  • Madison Parks - Edge + Zcash Ambassador
  • Luís Brandão - NIST/Strativia
  • Paul Brigner - Electric Coin Co.
  • Samara Anni - Zcash Brazil
  • Taylor Hornby - Zcash Ecosystem Security
  • ... and more!
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