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Goa, India

Web3Conf India

India's first and biggest chain agnostic conference


Aug 11 - Aug 14

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About The Event

Web3Conf is India's first and biggest chain agnostic conference by GirlScript Foundation. Last year, this conference was conducted around the same duration with over 1500+ enthusiastic web3.0 lovers in Goa. Along with a Hackathon "Hack - Web3conf", we also have Startup Pitch Sessions and Talks and Panel discussions as well as company booths.

GirlScript is supporting beginners in tech education since 2017 with programs like GirlScript Summer of Code, LetsPy, Tech In Slums, Uplift Project, etc. The foundation has impacted 500,000+ learners and has been featured in Forbes Asia, Tedx, Technology Playmaker, ElasticSearch Cause Awards, Women Tech Network Awards, Society of Women Engineers Magazine, etc, and has worked with over 250+ global tech and social good companies like Microsoft, Redhat, Twitter, Atlassian, Filecoin, Polygon, Dapper Labs, Child Rights & You, etc.

The foundation also conducted Web3.0 beginner-friendly boot camps in 52 cities in India impacting 15,000+ learners. To create opportunities with Builders, Organizers, Learners, and Entrepreneurs, GirlScript also conducted Web3 Villa Meetups via Web3 Meetup India in 10+ cities as well as International NFT Day in 12 cities along with Flow Hackathon 2023 with over 7000+ developers and Winter of Blockchain with over 4000 developers.

This year, Our team is all set to welcome the 3000+ Web3.0 enthusiasts in Goa for Web3conf 2023.

Web3Conf India by the numbers:

  • 1500+ Attendees
  • 50+ Sessions
  • 10K+ Twitter Fam


  • Saurabh Bangad - Google
  • Vanshika Srivastava - Biconomy
  • Krishna Upadhyaya - Polygon
  • Soham Zemse - Ethereum Foundation
  • Anam Ansari - Solana Foundation
  • Khushboo Verma - Appwrite
  • Yash Jagtap - The Graph
  • Venkatesh Kanchanp - Ex-Nethermind
  • Salil Naik - Socket Technology
  • Harpalsinh Jadeja - Celo Foundation
  • Ujwal Sutaria - TDV Partners
  • K Srinivas Rao - Tweeny Technologies
  • Shruti Jain - Neon Labs
  • Rishabh Gupta - Banana SDK
  • Sankalp Pandey - SolidityScan
  • Viraz Malhotra - Shell Protocol
  • Sandeep Singh - Koii Network
  • Aditya Chaudhary - Cordify
  • Pradumna V Saraf - Open Source
  • Shubham Patel - EthIndia Fellow
  • Keyur Jayeshkumar T - Firecompass
  • Swarnabha Sinha - ChainIDE
  • Satheesh Paddolker - Kratos Innovation Labs
  • Sandipan Kundu - Shardeum
  • Mohit Bhat - Singularity Singapore
  • Aryan Agarwal - SWE @Lenspost
  • Pakam Joel Johnson ZualaCapital
  • Pranshu Rastogi - Push Protocol
  • Nitanshu Lokhande - Banana SDK
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