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Munich, Germany


Munich’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon


Aug 11 - Aug 13

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About The Event

"Empowering innovation, collaboration, and blockchain solutions at the forefront of technical excellence"

At ETHMunich Hackathon we are searching for something other than the next hyped NFT collection, another wallet project, or token-trading application.

Instead, it is an event dedicated to envisioning the future of the blockchain and exploring untapped concepts and applications which solve real-life problems that can be useful and exciting for people outside of the blockchain space, the “non-veterans”.

Our goal at the hackathon is to bring together experienced blockchain hackers with talented students to solve real-world problems with the help of blockchain technology.

Join us at ETHMunich to be part of the first Ethereum-focused hackathon in Munich and challenge the status quo!

Our Sponsors

  • Staking Facilities
  • Li.Fi
  • bitsCrunch
  • Molecule Protocol
  • 1inch
  • Solity Network

Our Speakers & Advisers

  • Marius van der Wijden - Ethereum Foundation
  • James Smith - Ethereum Foundation
  • Eomji Park - Encode Club
  • Daniel SchuHi - ETHBerlin and bldrs
  • Philipp Zentner - LI.FI
  • Richa Joshi - Push Protocol
  • Arsenii Pechenkin - Gnosis
  • Ajit Tripathi - Polygon
We are a community of builders baked in Munich at home in Web3