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Nairobi and Kilifi, Kenya

ETHSafari 2023

The latest greatest ETH event happening in Africa!


Sep 18 - Sep 24

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About The Event

ETHSafari is an event that will be held in Kenya, bringing together people from around world to learn, hack, discuss, and celebrate our decentralized future.

ETHSafari will feature an online hackathon, a bootcamp in Nairobi, alongside other side events in the city under the sun. We will have a train journey on the Standard Gauge Railway and the climax, a conference and festival on the Kenyan coast in Kilifi.

We're getting ready for the ethsfari conference the best way we know how - building. We will have a great hackathon and bootcamp agenda to get the Safari going! Starting this coming September.

The ETHSafari hackathon and bootcamp is a great way to connect with the latest in blockchain tech, we are looking to educate by bringing people and platforms together to build and scale on various EVM platforms.

Join us on our journey as we learn, discuss and build a better decentralized present and future from the heart of East Africa.

Conference Themes Overview

1/ Defi For The Real World

DeFi and the real world provides insights to the way decentralized finance can shift the future of African and global economies

  • Global liquidity pools are a game-changer for financial inclusion
  • How sustainable is this promise?
  • Where are the challenges? Can we decentralize off-ramps?
  • Regulatory barriers

2/ Investing In Web3

We take a detailed look into the world of investments in the decentralized space

  • Consumer Crypto
  • Lessons from the frontlines (Nestcoin, Atlantica Ventures)
  • Current focus areas with potential

3/ NFTs & Digital Identity

A metaverse experience and immersive conversation

  • Digital identity (NFT Domains Decentralized identity)
  • NFT Art and artSTORM
  • Digital Communities

4/ Impact & ReFi

Social Impact and Regenerative Finance is shaping the nature of the way we choose to do business, can we realize a more accountable future for all?

  • The good and bad of on-chain carbon markets
  • What technology allows us to improve verifiability of carbon data?
  • How do we create community standards for credits?
  • How do we improve the way we do business while maintaining an edge?

5/ DAOs

The Web3 Rabbithole can be a daunting journey alone. Creating communities and platforms around it can make it a powerful tool for organizations.

  • Work in Web3, How to get started
  • Inclusivity
  • The Good And Bad, Work Life Balance
  • DAOs Ni Nini? Governance and DAO Formation

6/ Workshops and Interactive Learning

Learning from the community is the best way to build it.

  • Dev workshops - Technical sessions on building with web3 platforms and tools
  • Web3 Branding and Building A Strong Community - Where to start, how to build


  • Monday Sept. 18th - Bootcamp and side events (Locations in Nairobi)
  • Tuesday Sept. 19th - Bootcamp and side events (Locations in Nairobi)
  • Wednesday Sept. 20th - Bootcamp and side events (Locations in Nairobi)
  • Thursday Sept. 21st - The BlockTrain! - We leave from Nairobi for Kilifi in the morning on the Madaraka Express Train to arrive in Kilifi in the afternoon.
  • Friday Sept. 22nd - Conference Kick-Off - Panels, Workshops, Keynotes (Beneath The Baobabs, Kilifi)
  • Saturday Sept. 23rd - Conference Summit and Festival - More Panels, Workshops, Keynotes (Beneath The Baobabs, Kilifi)
  • Sunday Sept. 24th - Conference Summit and Festival - Panels, Workshops, Keynotes and an epic festival finale! (Beneath The Baobabs, Kilifi)


  • Benson - Acre Africa
  • Charles - Nuzo
  • Denham - Float Capital, Co-founder
  • Gritts - Tollan Worlds, Founder & CTO
  • Hassan - Dolacode Corporation, CEO
  • Josemarie - Artstorm.nft
  • Misspurple - Bankless Africa, Contributor
  • Mortech - Bankless DAO
  • Seunbayo - Spheron
  • Yoseph - Borderless World
  • Zeugh - JuiceboxDAO, Community Builder
  • Ian Abraham - Bloow, COO
  • Oyinkansola Adebayo - Niyo, Founder & CEO
  • Olumide Aderinwale - Stack Shift, Program Operations
  • Shaila Agha - Regen Foundation, Africa bioregion Community manager
  • Anie Akpe - African Women In Technology , Founder | CEO
  • Chuma Anagbado - Lizaad, Founder | CEO
  • Alice Anangi - Crypsense, Founder & CEO
  • Damilare Aregbesola - Polygon
  • Wossen Ayele - Pando DAO, Pariti, Co-founder, COO
  • Awosika Ayodeji - Web3bridge, Founder
  • Shodipo Ayomide - Polygon
  • Aleksandr Belov - Coinstelegram
  • Michiel Berende - Etherisc, CIO
  • Bastian Blankenburg - UTU, CoFounder & CTO
  • Jonas Bloch - Tuma
  • Dada Boipelo - AfrofutureDAO, Marketing lead
  • ... and more!
The greatest ETH event in Africa