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Biarritz, France


The 100% Bitcoin Conference


Aug 23 - Aug 25

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About The Event

Join the largest Bitcoin conference in Europe at Casino Biarritz. For this fourth edition, the Surfin’ Bitcoin team is ambitious and preparing a colourful conference for you.

Unlike in previous years, content will only be directed at bitcoiners, industry professionals and experts, institutional, developers, researchers and bitcoin technicians.

In addition to the natural focus of the conference on Bitcoin and Lightning Network, we will also talk about major topics for the crypto industry: Stablecoins and Staking

Unmissable events

1/ Networking Night - Meet and Sharing (August 23, 2023)

Reserved for a limited number of participants, who will have the opportunity to exchange and eat with VIBs (Very Important Bitcoiners):

  • Surfin’Bitcoin Conference Speackers
  • Executives from sponsoring companies
  • Journalists
  • The StackinSat team

Les Halles de Biarritz has been fully booked for the evening, allowing attendees to mingle with others, engage in discussions and make valuable connections in a relaxed and friendly setting. 

We want to bring together the Bitcoin ecosystem and the world of traditional finance so that exchanges and connections are made in our sector.

2/ Conference Days (August 24 & 25, 2023)

Two days of knowledge sharing. The ideal opportunity to deepen topical themes and to deepen the topics of funds.

More than 80 speakers will perform on two stages:

  • An English stage
  • A French Stage

As last year, participants will also be able to explore bitcoin-related topics through numerous workshops and discover companies that will exhibit their products and/or services on booths

Key Topics

  • Business & Regulation
  • Economy & Geopolitics
  • Training & Information
  • Tech & Tools
  • Security & Conservation


  • Adli Takkal Bataille - Founding Partner & Manager of Shift and Founding Member and Chairman of Cercle du Coin
  • Alexandre Stachtchenko - Consultant and expert crypto/web3 and co-founder of Blockchain Partner
  • Antoine Riard - Bitcoin developer and founder of Civ Kit
  • Bastien Teinturier - VP Engineering Acinq
  • Charles Guillemet - CTO Ledger
  • Christian decker (snyke) - Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream
  • Claire Balva - Consultant and expert crypto/web3 and co-founder of Blockchain Partner
  • Colonel Nicolas DUVINAGE - Head of technical at COMCYBERGEND
  • Damien Theillier - CEO of "l'Académie Libre des Sciences Humaines"
  • Daniel Prince - Podcaster Oncebitten
  • Denis MEILHON - Managing Director Corporate Banking at Banques Delubac & Cie
  • Dr Maxim Orlovsky - Chef Engineering Officer (CEO) at LNP/BP Standards Association
  • Dr Tom Trevethan - CTO of CommerceBlock
  • Faustine FLEURET - President and CEO at Adan
  • Ferghane Azihari - Essay writer and consultant on public policy
  • Florent Gabriel - Chief Executive Officer Summit Hosting & Market and CBO
  • Franck Manoukian - Chief Of Staff - Regulatory and compliance at Regsharp
  • George Selgin - Director Emeritus of the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives at the Cato Institute.
  • Gilles Cadignan - CEO of Woleet
  • Gregory Guittard - CEO of Journal du Coin
  • Guillaume INITIO Goualard - Co-founder and CEO of Grand Angle Crypto and CleanSat Mining
  • Hubert de Vauplane - CEO of “Legal Blockchain & Cryptos Association” and partner at Kramer Levin
  • Imad Warde - CEO of HedgeGuard
  • Jack Ehlers - COO of Bitstamp
  • Jacques Favier - Consultant and author specializing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (La Voie de Bitcoin, Le Cercle du Coin, le Repas du Coin)
  • Jean-marc Stenger - CEO of Société Générale - Forge
  • Jérémie Rosselli - General Manager N26 France & Benelux
  • Johan Torås Halseth - Head of Lightning protocol development at NYDIG
  • Jonathan Herscovici - Co-founder and CEO of Stackinsat
  • and more...!
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