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Amsterdam, Netherlands

APEX Developer Summit

An inspiring three-day summit celebrating blockchain technology and the XRP Ledger


Sep 06 - Sep 08

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About The Event

Building a decentralized future, together

Apex XRPL Developer Summit is the annual event where developers, contributors and thought leaders come together to learn, build, share, network and celebrate all things XRP Ledger.

Prepare to unleash your creativity, connect with some of the brightest minds in blockchain, and explore the possibilities that await at Apex 2023! We’re gearing up for the most exciting dev summit to date as we welcome builders to collaborate on innovative new XRP Ledger (XRPL) projects.

Hosted by Ripple and the XRPL Foundation, the 2023 summit will take place in‑person at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Amsterdam.

Join developers, innovators, businesses, and investors for an inspiring three-day summit celebrating blockchain technology and the XRP Ledger!

What to expect?

  • Networking: Connect with Trailblazing Experts

Apex 2023 offers you the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the most influential figures and thought leaders in the space. You will have a chance to engage in discussions, exchange ideas and form connections with like-minded developers who share a passion for blockchain technology.

  • Learn: Gather Valuable Insights

Apex 2023 opens up a wealth of knowledge from expert keynote speakers and breakout sessions where you’ll be able to engage with them on a broad range of topics. Immerse yourself in the opportunity to learn and gather valuable insights as you stay up-to-date with the very latest advancements on the XRPL.

  • Explore Exciting New Projects

Apex 2023 presents a unique platform for you to explore new and exciting projects that the XRPL community is giving rise to. Learn about the latest innovative use cases, applications and tools that are being developed, and groundbreaking projects leveraging the potential of XRPL. This is your chance to expand your horizons and explore what is taking place on the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Hands-On Workshops: Refine Your Development Skills

Take part in hands-on workshops led by seasoned developers who have been operating in the space since its inception. The workshops offer a unique opportunity to refine your technical skills, understand best practices, and gain invaluable practical knowledge on how you can build on the XRP Ledger.

  • Interact with Visionaries and Innovators

Make the most of your chance to interact with some of the key figures behind the development and success of the XRPL. You’ll have the chance to exchange ideas with visionaries such as David Schwartz, Ripple CTO and one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger, Wietse Wind from XRPL Labs and Xaman, and other industry experts and developer advocates.


1/ September 6, 2023

  • Welcome Reception

2/ September 7, 2023

  • Keynotes
  • Lunch
  • Breakouts
  • After party

3/ September 8, 2023

  • Breakfast
  • Keynotes
  • Lunch
  • Breakouts


  • ‍David Bchiri - President, XRPL Commons
  • Scott Branson - Advisor – Education and Social Outreach, XRP Ledger Foundation
  • David Chreng - Founding Partner, LeadBlock Partners
  • Aurelie Dhellemmes - Ripple
  • Ryan Gledhill - CEO, Thallo
  • Karl Jacob - CEO and Co-Founder, LoanSnap
  • Aanchal Malhotra - Head of Research, Ripple
  • Aaron McDonald - CEO, Futureverse
  • Yana Novikova - Senior Director of Product Management, Ripple
  • Julio Santos - Co-founder and CTO, Fractal ID
  • David Schwartz - CTO, Ripple / Co-Creator, XRP Ledger
  • Aaron Sloup - Co-Founder, The & Company
  • Jas Takhar - Senior Director, Software Engineering, Ripple
  • Julian Vergel de Dios - CTO, Heirloom
  • Rachel Wolfson - Podcast Host and Reporter, Web3 Deep Dive/ Cointelegraph
  • Maaikevan der Veen - Chief Business Officer, Xaman
  • Denis Angell - Owner, Transia
  • Bolero - Content Writer, Orchestra Finance
  • Florian Bouron - Founder, GemWallet
  • Loredana Cacciotti - SVP, Digital Licensing & Business Affairs, Downtown Music Holdings
  • Jordan Cates - Developer Advocate, AnChain.AI
  • Scott Chamberlain - Co-Founder, Evernode
  • Anton Dalgren - Developer, Towo Labs
  • Robbie Daniels - Co-Founder, Dhali Holdings Ltd
  • Nick Dazé - CEO, Heirloom
  • Nestor Dubnevych - Co-Founder, Legal Nodes
  • José Antonio Lázaro Espila - XRPL validator, NFT Creator, XRP user
  • and more...!
 XRP Ledger Foundation
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