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Las Vegas, NV, USA

BREATHE! Convention

An emerging tech event designed to empower you to learn, apply, and thrive


Sep 13 - Sep 15

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About The Event

BREATHE! Convention is an emerging tech event designed to empower you to learn, apply, and thrive.

This event is 100% backed by passionate, community-involved Investors, Founders, Developers, and Educators from industries that include Web3, AI, Blockchain, Gaming, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT technology, and more.

Become your own best asset with emerging technologies! Get prepared for the future of work!


At BREATHE! Convention, attendees get a glimpse into the future of technology, education, work, gaming, and more:

  • Education, Experience, and Entertainment

The convention's commitment to Education, Experience, and Entertainment provides you the ability to receive top-tier education about emerging technologies and hands-on experience to enjoy unique forms of entertainment.

  • Networking Opportunities

Most importantly, BREATHE! facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities!

  • AI-Powered App

With an AI-powered app designed to connect participants with the right people, attendees can build meaningful relationships with industry professionals and peers, fostering invaluable connections for their future careers and ventures.

  • NFT Experiences & Airdrops

In addition, unique NFT experiences and direct airdrops from brands provide the potential for added value of digital assets, ensuring that the value of attending BREATHE! potentially exceeding the price of admission​​.


  • Alex Rozman - SVP, Global Head of Compliance | Polygon
  • Crimsonclad - Operations | Hive Blockchain
  • Crypto WendyO - Host/Founder | The O Show
  • Dan Nuñez Cohen - VP, Policy and Regulatory Affairs |
  • Darcy Donavan - Founder | Stardawgs NFT, Co-owner | Income Island
  • De'Schzunell Catlin - Sr. Engineer NASA | Co-Founder, COO, Equity Space Alliance Inc.
  • Kerry Bubolz - President & CEO | Vegas Golden Knights/Foley Entertainment Group
  • Lisa Loud - President | FLUIDEFI INC
  • Lori Rodriguez - President, Author | Women in Tech US, Hidden Lives of Women in STEM
  • Loudmouth - Loudmouth Marketing Team | Prodigal-X
  • and more...!
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