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Berlin, Germany


Advancing scientific collaboration through Web3 technology


Sep 08 - Sep 09

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About The Event

​This year, DeSci.Berlin and Funding the Commons join forces to host their next editions during Berlin Blockchain Week, set to unfold in the city's vibrant tech landscape on 8-9 September.

DeSci.Berlin’s goal is to deepen our attendees’ understanding of decentralized science, and specifically, of biotech DAOs (BioDAOs). 

With a practical lens, DeSci.Berlin invites participants and attendees to delve into the construction of BioDAOs, discussing diverse aspects and nuances, from key strategies, to governance, and funding considerations - a program designed to equip you with the essential know-how to navigate and grow your own BioDAO.

This combined event will ignite the development of new partnerships, projects, and initiatives with each day providing a distinct platform to engage with the wider blockchain and decentralized science communities.


1/ Day 1 (8th September 2023) - DeSci.Berlin

​On the 8th, DeSci.Berlin takes center stage, orchestrating intensive workshops and insightful talks by key players in the field. Attendees will delve into the complexities of decentralized science, from innovative research funding avenues to the conceptualization of biotech DAOs.

2/ Day 2 (9th September 2023) - Funding The Commons

​On the 9th, Funding the Commons takes the reins, and will feature a unique emphasis on builders and interactive programming. In contrast to the storied academia of its Paris event, Berlin FTC will celebrate the hands-on spirit of creation and innovation.

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