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Cologne, Germany

Building a digital world for next generations


Sep 20 - Sep 21

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About The Event

A joint effort for mass adoption

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it's transforming how we interact with the world and creating a new digital culture. To continue fostering this evolution, is thrilled to partner with DMEXCO again to give Web3 and Metaverse the spotlight it deserves. by the numbers:

  • 38k Visitors
  • 50+ Partners
  • 100+ Speakers

What to expect?

  • Experience and Learn: Gain valuable industry insights
  • Build Partnerships: Unique Audience of Web3 natives & brand decision makers
  • Meet the Community: The whole EU Web3 & Metaverse community is present

Key Topics for discussion

  • Immersive Commerce Revolution

Discover how immersive commerce enhances customer experiences through virtual storefronts, 3D product visualization, AI & augmented reality, helping brands stay competitive in the digital landscape.

  • Community & Co-Creation

Strengthen brand loyalty and drive growth through Web3 community-building and co-creation. Utilize decentralized platforms to create impactful connections and engage with a wide array of creators.

  • Web3's Cultural Impact

Uncover the evolving digital culture and its implications. Examine the role of digital ownership in fostering new industries, such as digital fashion within gaming worlds, ultimately elevating the importance of the virtual world in our lives.

  • Web3 Tech & Regulation

Examine the challenges of integrating cutting-edge Web3 technologies with regulatory compliance while navigating decentralized platforms and maintaining industry best practices.

  • Sustainable Virtual Worlds

Delve into the environmental and ethical considerations of Web3 and Metaverse development, and discover best practices for creating sustainable, responsible virtual spaces that support the long-term growth of the digital realm.

  • Virtual Economies Unleashed

Examine the potential of token economics and the design of virtual economies in the Metaverse. Learn how these innovative financial systems can benefit both brands and users while shaping the future of digital interactions.


  • Philipp Weiling - Director, Business Development EMEA, Polygon Labs
  • Laura-Marie Geissler - Racer, LMG-Racing
  • Peter Grosskopf - Co-Founder & CTO, Ultimate Money
  • Camilla McFarland - Vice President, Mojito
  • Kerry Murphy - CEO & Co-Founder, The Fabricant
  • Luca Zicconi - Web3 Studio Lead, Škoda
  • Joanna Rindell - General Counsel, World of Women
  • Anne Greul - Co-Founder & CEO, Moonblock
  • Philipp Nastaly - Co-Founder & CEO, CHAPTR
  • Jürgen Alker - Advisor Web3 Strategy, Highsnobiety
  • Thanh Dao - Managing Director, Jung von Matt NERD
  • Florian Zawodsky - Tax Advisor, Ernst & Young
  • Katarina Preikschat - Manager and Web3 Lead, MHP-Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH
  • Burkhard Müller - CDO, Mutabor
  • Christoph Jentzsch - Co-Founder & CEO,
  • Lucas Verra - Founder, POAP Studio
  • Noe Rieker - Business Development, Solana Foundation
  • Vicktoria Klich - Co-Founder,
  • Moritz Maurer - Senior Consultant and Web3 Strategist, MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH
  • Richard Petrich - MD & Co-Founder, Value fo We
  • Feliks Eyser - Partner,
  • Andreas Berghammer - Web3 Specialist, Iteratec
  • Timo Hallwachs - Associated Partner CX Strategy, MHP Management- und IT-Beratungs GmbH
  • Ahren Posthumus - Co-Founder, Momint
  • Timo Springer - Co-Founder, M3TAVERSE VOYAGER
  • and more...!
We support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem with community, content, and cash… and the first Web3 conference for Natives and Brands!