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Barcelona, Spain

SmartCon 2023

Where Web3 Gets Real


Oct 02 - Oct 03

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About The Event

SmartCon is more than a blockchain conference—it’s a unique experience empowering attendees to connect, experiment, and inspire. Featuring top speakers from Google, Swift, State Street, Ethereum Foundation, Deutsche Telekom, and many more, SmartCon 2023 by Chainlink is where Web3 gets real.

A hub of commerce, culture, and cuisine on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the perfect venue for SmartCon 2023. Attend keynotes, panels, and exclusive networking events to explore the latest industry advancements—across infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, capital markets, and more—transforming the Web3 vision into reality. Then learn how to build next-gen dApps at world-class workshops and hacker events.

Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast, a developer, or simply curious about the next stage in the evolution of the Internet, don't miss this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the future of on-chain finance.

Key topics

  • Web3 Infrastructure

Unearth the protocols and projects building the foundation that all Web3 applications rely upon.

  • DeFi

Dive into the largest DeFi protocols to understand why they’re poised to disrupt trillion-dollar markets.

  • NFTs

Traverse a wide range of NFT use cases across real estate, gaming, entertainment, and more.

  • Chainlink Ecosystem

Explore how Chainlink’s wide range of oracle services are bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

  • Enterprise

Discover how top enterprises and financial institutions are securely connecting their infrastructure to Web3.

  • Development

Uncover the latest coding tools, resources, and environments supercharging developer productivity.

Unmissable Events

Chainlink Hacker House - Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

Build with the Best in Web3!

Join hundreds of developers from around the world for a free, two-day experience at the Chainlink Hacker House in Barcelona. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, come learn from the best Web3 engineers and build the future of Web3.


  • Eric Schmidt - Former CEO, Google
  • Sergey Nazarov - Co-Founder, Chainlink
  • Laurence Moroney - AI Lead, Google
  • Dahlia Malkhi - Distinguished Scientist, Chainlink Labs
  • Qian Jiang - Director, Capital Markets and Digital Assets, Swift
  • Allison Duettmann - CEO, Foresight Institute
  • John Whelan - Managing Director of Digital Assets, Santander
  • Nitin Gaur - Global Head of Digital Assets and Technology Design, State Street
  • Thomas Dugauquier - Tokenized Assets Product Lead, Swift
  • Balaji Srinivasan - Angel Investor and Former CTO, Coinbase
  • Patrick Collins - Software Engineer / Security Researcher / Founder / Educator, Cyfrin
  • Elena Sinelnikova - DC of People and Education, MetisDAO Foundation
  • Steve Ellis - Co-Founder and CTO, Chainlink Labs
  • Dawn Song - Founder, Oasis Labs
  • Ari Juels - Chief Scientist, Chainlink Labs
  • Alexandre Kech - Head Digital Securities, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX)
  • Mara Schmiedt - Chief Executive Officer, Alluvial
  • Andrés Fondevila - Digital Assets BBVA Asset Management & Global Wealth, BBVA
  • Ernesto Boado - Co-founder, BGD Labs
  • Kemal El Moujahid - Chief Product Officer, Chainlink Labs
  • Derek Yoo - CEO, Moonsong Labs
  • Alison Haire - Developer Relations Engineer & Lilypad PM, Filecoin Foundation
  • Ben Chan - VP of Engineering, Chainlink Labs
  • Filip Mertens - Developer Remix, Ethereum Foundation
  • Rene Reinsberg - Co-Founder, Celo; President, Celo Foundation, Celo
  • Talha Khan - Product Manager, Digital Assets & Web3, IBM Cloud, IBM
  • Mei Chan - Head of Comms and Outreach, Scroll
  • Lorenz Breidenbach - Head of R&D, Chainlink Labs
  • and more...!
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