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Istanbul, Turkey


The legendary Cosmos conference


Oct 02 - Oct 04

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About The Event

Welcome to Cosmoverse, the premier physical Web3 conference dedicated to the vibrant Cosmos ecosystem. As the largest gathering of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, community members, journalists, and developers, we come together annually in a different city to shape the future of decentralized technologies.

With each edition spanning three impactful days, Cosmoverse serves as a catalyst for transformative conversations and collaborations.

In 2023, we are thrilled to announce that Cosmoverse is heading to Istanbul, Turkey. This enchanting city, with its rich history and vibrant tech scene, will be our next destination as we bring together an exceptional lineup of speakers, industry experts, and pioneers in the crypto space.

During the conference, attendees can immerse themselves in a diverse range of experiences. From captivating keynotes and insightful panel discussions to interactive workshops, Cosmoverse offers a wealth of knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Join us at Cosmoverse as we embark on a remarkable journey to explore the frontiers of decentralized technologies, unlocking new opportunities and shaping the future of the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond!

Featured Speakers

  • Ethan Buchman - CEO, Informal Systems
  • Sunny Aggarwal - Co-Founder, Osmosis
  • Sima Baktas - Founding Lawyer-GlobalB Law | Entrepreneur | CryptoFemale
  • Jelena Djuric - Co-Founder, Noble
  • Ismail Khoffi - Co-Founder & CTO, Celestia
  • Zaki Manian - Co-Founder, Sommelier
  • Charles D'Haussy - CEO, dYdX Foundation
  • Jack Zampolin - CEO, Strangelove
  • Adilah Hussien - Digital Asset Broker Web3 Lead, Vodafone
  • Wolfgang Michael Kraus - Technical Consultant for Public Blockchains at Deutsche Telekom 
  • Valentin Pletnev - Co-Founder & CEO, Quasar
  • Nathan Cha - Marketing Lead, dYdX
  • Roea Mortaki - Co-Founder, Quicksilver
  • Alper Bulut - Marketing and Community Manager, Binance Türkiye
  • Dean Tribble - CEO, Agoric
  • David Tse - Founder, Babylon Chain
  • Ella Qiang - Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships at Cronos Labs
  • Hyung Yeon Lee - CEO, Crescent
  • José Maria Macedo - Head of Delphi Labs
  • David Gogel - VP Startegy & Operations, dYdX Foundation
  • Michael Greenberg - COO, Allnodes
  • Jesse Chung - Founder, Newmetric
  • Daiki Ishikawa - Founder, TOKI
  • Enrico Tallin - President Commercio, Network
  • Adam Wozney - Head of Community,Akash Network
  • Greg Osuri - CEO Overclock Labs & Co-Founder, Akash
  • Laurens Kubat - CTO & Co-Founder, Quasar Labs
  • Théo Pelliet - Head of Ecosystem, OKP4
  • Kaan Uzdoğan - Software Engineer, Ethereum Foundation
  • Chad Barraford - Technical Lead, Thorchain
  • Chris Amani - CEO, Terra Labs
  • Eljaboom - Founder Ajoobz & Forbes 40 Under 40
  • Usman Asim - Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Ava Labs