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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solana Breakpoint 2023

The annual celebration of the entire Solana community


Oct 30 - Nov 03

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About The Event

The annual celebration of the entire Solana community is back for 2023 with more to learn, more to see, and a campus come to life.

The first Solana Breakpoint conference took place in 2021, gathering the ecosystem for a first-ever, real-life global celebration. Builders, enthusiasts, and crypto passionates met to share innovative ideas and accelerate the growth of the blockchain.

The conference had over 70 speakers and 3,500 attendees from the Solana community. Over 100-panel discussions and workshops were held during the conference.


  • Ori Kwan - Co-Founder of Orca
  • Michael Hubbard - Founder of Laine
  • Jules Urbach - Founder of Render Network
  • Amy Street - Head of Growth at Rove
  • Peter Robert Moore - Veteran Games Executive
  • Solandy - Content Creator | Self-Employed and Work in the External Team for Solana Foundation Developer Relations
  • Arnold Lee - CEO & Co-Founder of Sphere Labs
  • Aleksei Zakharov - Founder / CEO of OTTR
  • Steven Luscher - Javascript Engineer At Solana Labs
  • Miller Whitehouse-Levine - CEO of DeFi Education Fund
  • Larisa Barbu - COO of Exchange Art
  • James Tromans - Director Web3 Product & Engineering, Google Cloud
  • Sandra Persing - Vice President, Developer & Ecosystem Marketing, Circle
  • Armani Ferrante - CEO & Co-Founder of Backpack
  • Mary Gooneratne - COO & Co-Founder of Bridgesplit
  • Mike Hudack - CEO & Co-Founder of Sling
  • Adam Greenberg - Product Manager at Nova Finance
  • Anja Bedford - COO | Co-Founder of Holaplex
  • Carole House - Executive In Residence At Terranet Ventures; Chair ot CFTc Technology Advisory Committee
  • Joshua Archer - Project Lead at Greenpeace Usa
  • Usman Warbucks - Chief Fun Officer at Okay Bears
  • Anvit Mangal - Developer Experience Engineer at Phantom
  • K Z - Head of Growth at Orca Foundation
  • Ben Mills - Co-Founder and CEO of Meso
  • Nathan Galindo - Founder at Vlyss | Solana Ambassador at Solana Foundation
  • Antoine Bellanger - Senior DeFi Engineer at Swissborg
  • Kari Aka Bangerz - CEO & Co-Founder, 3.Land
  • Pascal Gauthier - CEO of Ledger
  • and more...!