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Berlin, Germany

Berlin Bitcoin Space

Gathering of exhibitors, speakers, and visitors in Berlin to share their knowledge and create powerful synergies


Oct 05 - Oct 07

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About The Event

The Berlin Bitcoin Space will unfold over three days, delivering a wealth of Bitcoin knowledge in various forms. From stage presentations to workshops and the art space, there’s something here for everyone.

The first two days are the Business Days – a platform for companies that have already integrated Bitcoin into their operations or have built their entire business around Bitcoin. Additionally, we aim to showcase to all other companies the possibilities of Bitcoin integration. It’s the perfect opportunity to establish and expand partnerships.

On the third day, we have the Customer Day. With an affordable ticket price, we intend to guide all curious No-Coiners into the Rabbithole and provide the community a chance to engage in discussions about Bitcoin. The ideal occasion for taking the Orange Pill.

Be part when exhibitors, speakers, and visitors come together in Berlin, to share their knowledge and create powerful synergies!

What to expect?

  • Art-Space

We are excited to announce that our upcoming Bitcoin event will not only focus on the technology itself but also place a special emphasis on art.

We are thrilled to showcase talented artists who will exhibit their works and share their perspectives on the impact of Bitcoin on the art world.

Art provides a unique insight into the world of Bitcoin and allows for a fresh perspective on the technology.

  • Exhibition

Not only does our stage have a lot to offer, but there is also plenty to explore around it. Our Bitcoin Space will be filled with many fantastic exhibitors showcasing their products and services.


  • Alex von Frankenberg - High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Daniel Wingen - UTXO Solutions
  • Deborah “Debbi” Reher - Bitcoin trifft Debbi
  • Dirk Roeder - T-Systems MMS
  • Joe Martin - Author
  • Joe Nakamoto - Cointelegraph
  • Julian Liniger - Relai
  • Kristian Kläger - terahash
  • Leon Wankum - BitcoinMagazine
  • Lina Seiche - Mommy of The Little HODLer
  • Luca Infeld - Munich International Mining
  • Martin Betz - UTXO Solutions
  • Matthias Reder - Coinfinity
  • Nelson Inno - weSpark
  • Niko Jilch - Financial Journalist
  • Philipp Hartmannsgruber - Bundesblock
  • Philipp Hoenisch - 10101
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner - Economist
  • Rachel Geyer - terahash
  • Rahim Taghizadegan -
  • Roman Reher - Blocktrainer
  • Timo Steipe - Munich International Mining
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Best of Blockchain
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