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San Francisco, US

Starknet Summit

The conference for everyone building, hacking and scaling on Starknet


Aug 31 - Aug 31

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About The Event

Meet the faces behind the Twitter handles and Discord IDs. Quiz the gigabrains of the STARK ecosystem. Share your insights with the new team at the Starknet Foundation. Take a deep dive into features like Account Abstraction and Storage Proofs. And get to grips with v0.12 with others who are exploring what makes it amazing (as well as their bugbears).

Join us for the very first Starknet Summit, the conference for everyone building, hacking and scaling on Starknet!

Unmissable events

  • Hacker House - Palo Alto, Aug 27-30

The Starknet Hacker House is a four-day event with in-person guidance from core Starknet community members. It will take place in a hotel in Palo Alto. Application required.

  • Starknet Basecamp - Palo Alto, Aug 29-30

We’re holding a first in-person session of Basecamp, Starknet’s flagship course taught by Starknet’s creators. Limited availability, in-person in Palo Alto. Application required.


  • Dan Boneh - Godel Prize Winner
  • Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder & President
  • Starkware - Shafi Goldwasser, Turing Award Winner
  • Uri Kolodny - Co-Founder & CEO, Starkware
  • Diego Oliva - CEO, Starknet Foundation
  • Eric Wall - Board member, Starknet Foundation
  • Ed Felten - Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Offchain Labs
  • Georgios Konstantopoulos - CTO, Paradigm
  • Andrew Milson - Creator, miniSTARK and Sandstorm, Sandstorm
  • Itamar Lessuise - Co-founder & CEO, Argent
  • Sam Benyakoub - CEO, Node Guardians
  • Paul Veradittakit - Managing Partner, Pantera
  • Daniel Lubarov - Co-founder, Polygon Zero
  • Sreeram Kannan - Founder, EigenLayer
  • David Lavecky - CEO & Co-Founder, Canvas
  • Noam Nisan - Godel Prize Winner
  • Tarrence van As - Guild Master, Cartridge
  • Pierre Bertin - Starknet Blockchain Developer
  • Nico Rodriguez - CEO, Starkplay
  • Casey Wescott - Game Music Composer
  • Chris Bender - Founder, Renegade
  • Fran Algaba - Co-Founder & CEO, Giza
  • Ilia Volokh - Product Manager & Researcher, Starkware
  • Kunho Kim - Wizard, Topology
  • guiltygyoza - Wizard, Topology
  • Matthias Hallgren - CTO, Pragma
  • Kineret Segal - Engineering Lead, Starkware
  • Josh Klopfenstein - Software Engineer, Nethermind
  • and more...!
StarkNet is a permissionless L2 decentralized Validity-Rollup.