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Berlin, Germany

Protocol Berg

The decentralized protocol and infrastructure conference


Sep 15 - Sep 15

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About The Event

Protocol Berg is a novel summit providing a location specifically for protocol research, decentralized infrastructure, and core-developer experience.

The one-day event with two stages, opportunities for technical workshops, and protocol community gatherings brings together protocol researchers and other stakeholders from different decentralized protocols. The event will not host any sponsors or commercial talks.

Protocol Berg aims to bring distributed technology ecosystems together to exchange concepts and technology, talk about shared open problems, and learn from each other.

Topics covered by the event orbit mainly around consensus protocols, distributed virtual machines, peer-to-peer networking, decentralized infrastructure, open-source governance, and protocol research.

We expect 500-600 attendees, and tickets will be free, as in free lemonade.


  • Erik Kundt - Radicle
  • Gavin Wood - Polkadot
  • Sam Hart - Skip
  • rene - Celestia
  • Guillaume Ballet - Ethereum Foundation
  • Constanza Gallo - Swarm Foundation
  • Laura Lotti - Other Internet
  • Sebastian Martinez - Radicle
  • Richard Meissner - Safe Project
  • Grigoris - Rawsciousness
  • Yajin (Andy) Zhou - BlockSec & Zhejiang University
  • Mario Havel - Ethereum Foundation
  • Anirudha Bose - Brave
  • Parithosh - Ethereum Foundation
  • Afri Schoedon - Protocol Berg Team
  • Laurence Kirk - Extropy.IO
  • Sacha - Parity Technologies
  • Igor Mandrigin -
  • Trent Van Epps - Protocol Guild
  • Yabir Garcia - rotki
  • Will Scott - Protocol Labs
  • Garrett MacDonald - Permanent
  • Jannik - Shutter Network
  • Barnabas Busa - Ethereum Foundation
  • Dawid Szlachta - TrueBlocks
  • Philipp Kant - Mina Foundation
  • Sebastian Buergel - HOPR
  • Masih Derkani - Protocol Labs
  • and more...!
Department of Decentralization
Department of Decentralization
A collective of people from various crypto- and blockchain communities in and around Berlin