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An crypto industry event aimed to provide an open platform for crypto practitioners from Asia and around the world


Sep 11 - Sep 11

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About The Event

TimeStamp is an crypto industry event organized by Asia's leading crypto media COINTIME and partners from all walks of life in the industry. It is planned to be held every year in cities around the world where the blockchain is actively developing. 2023 is the first session of the conference and will be held in Singapore.

The conference will invite Web3 founders, top investment institutions, developers, regulators, and media partners to share their unique industry perspectives, discuss industry development opportunities and collectively explore the rise of emerging crypto forces in Asia. The aim is to provide an open platform for crypto practitioners from Asia and around the world to engage in meaningful discussions and exchanges of ideas.

Based on the concept of sharing, win-win and openness, the conference welcomes all guests to speak freely about the future of the industry, investment direction, entrepreneurial experience and industry infrastructure. Build an active communication platform!

TimeStamp by the numbers:

  • 1,000+ Attendees
  • 50+ Speakers
  • 30+ Media
  • 10+ Side events


  • Sopnendu Mohanty - MAS, Chief Fintech Officer
  • David Schwartz - Polygon, Co-Founder
  • Alex Gluchowski - zkSync, Founder
  • Fu Qiang - NUS Business School, Professor
  • David Lee - SUSS, Professor
  • Daniel Wang - Taiko, Founder
  • Bingsheng He - NUS, Professor & Vice Dean
  • Ola Lind - ArrayFi, CEO
  • Ye Zhang - Scroll, Co-Founder
  • Nick White - Celestia, Co-Founder
  • Dr. Liu Yang - Professor in NTU, Co-Founder of MetaTrust
  • Alex Svanevik - Nansen, CEO
  • Tiancheng Xie - Polyhedra, CTO
  • Leo Fan - Cysic, Co-Founder
  • Jery Meng - GasZero, Co-Founder
  • Xin Gao - Delphinus Lab, Founder
  • Sailor Zhong - ChainUp, Founder
  • Zirong Zhang - SINOHOPE, CTO
  • Jacob Ko - Superscrypt, Partner
  • Jianping Kong - Nano Labs, Founder
  • Pengyu Wang - Particle, Founder
  • Didier - Matr1x, Co-Founder
  • Cui Lei - Huawei Cloud, Strategy VP & Web3 GM
  • Jackson - OxScope, Founder
  • Irene Wu - LayerZero Labs, Head of Strategy
  • Hong Yea - Gravity, Founder
  • Yuhao - NFEx, Founder
  • Leslie Lamb - OPNX, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Diederik Van Wersch - Chainalysis, International Director
  • Kang Li - Certik, Chief Security Officer
  • and more...!