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Lisbon, Portugal

NearCon 2023

Explore the power and possibilities of an open web


Nov 07 - Nov 10

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About The Event

The biggest experience of the year is near!

Last year’s NEARCON was epic. This one will be iconic. We are going to take you on a 4 day journey into an open web.

  • Join 5,000+ delegates as we explore the power and possibilities of an open web
  • Get inspired by talks from renowned authors, economists, artists, politicians, developers, entrepreneurs, and more
  • Explore the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), try it for yourself, and find out why it's the driving force behind an open web
  • Connect with projects, speakers, community members, builders, and multi-chain enthusiasts from around the world
  • Hack the days and nights away for a chance to build on the BOS and win $180k+


Building a multi-chain, open web future.

The NEARCON hackathon is a 48-hour IRL hacking session for those who want to team up, get familiar with NEAR, build a prototype for their project, pitch it, and get a chance to win.

The hackathon can be the start of something amazing, or a way to fail fast, learn, and adapt. We appreciate both, because we know that to build the next big thing you often have to fail enough times to find just the right idea.

What to expect on your way

  • Powerful insights

NEAR is constantly pushing boundaries, so are our speakers. Hear from leading voices about the BOS, AI, the future of Web3, why an open web matters, user-experience, governance, sustainability, NFTs, DeFI, gaming, and much more.

  • Deep connections

The NEAR community is one of a kind. Over the course of the event, there will be chances to network and collaborate, exciting conversations about all things NEAR, opportunities to learn from one another, and plenty of time to celebrate together.

  • Dynamic hackathon

We have the best devs in the world (if we do say so ourselves). Build directly on the BOS and experience all of its capabilities, while getting a chance to win prizes and get your project featured onstage. And, hackers get into the event for Free! Apply here.

  • One-of-a-kind experience

NEAR isn’t just another blockchain, so NEARCON isn’t just another conference. NEARCON was created to be a community driven event that brings people together over their shared passion for NEAR, and a shared vision of a more free, fair, and open web.


  • Dr. Nagendra Bharatula - G-20 Group
  • Lisa Loud - Secret Network Foundation
  • David Morrison - NEAR Foundation
  • Josh Klayman - Linklaters LLP
  • Joyce Yang - Global Coin Research
  • Henrik Gebbing - Finoa
  • Guy Zyskind - Secret Network
  • Mary Beth Buchanan - NEAR Foundation
  • Oleg Fomenko - Sweat Economy
  • Lyllah Ledesma - CoinDesk
  • Dave Balter - Flipside Crypto
  • Charles Wayn - Galxe
  • Paul Hsu - Decasonic
  • Illia Polosukhin - NEAR
  • Emily Rose Dallara - Web3 and Thrive
  • Marieke Flament - NEAR Foundation
  • Chris Sharp - Blockdaemon
  • Julien Bouteloup - Stake Capital Group
  • Sal Ternullo - Animal Ventures Tomorrow Fund SCSp
  • Michael Casey - CoinDesk
  • Lindsey Argalas - TaxBit
  • Amelia Tomasicchio - The Cryptonomist
  • Joel Kaiser - AIDONIC
  • Richard Muirhead - Fabric Ventures
  • Grégory Guittard - Journal du Coin
  • Mitchell Amador - Immunefi
  • Lou Kerner - CryptoOracle Collective
  • Yemel Jardi - Decentraland
  • and more...!
NEAR is a L1 blockchain to empower everyone to take control of their money, data, and identity