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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Where Emerging Tech & Creative Minds Meet


Nov 01 - Nov 03

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About The Event

Unleash your creativity in Amsterdam from 1-3 November 2023, as leading voices from around the globe gather to showcase the cutting-edge potential of AI, AR, VR, XR, 3D and Web3.

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating talks, interactive demos and exhibitions brought to you by top brands and visionary creators in the emerging tech space.  

Forge valuable connections effortlessly with our A.I.-assisted networking platform and seamlessly blend business and pleasure as you enjoy cultural events across the city of Amsterdam.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness the future of creativity while indulging in the energy of one of Europe's most vibrant cities. Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience. 

Content Tracks

  • Digital Craft - AR, VR, XR, 3D, Music Digital Fashion, Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence - Cenerative, Experimental, Workflow, Image, Video, Music
  • Virtual Worlds - AR, VR, XR, AI, Web3 Enterprise, Architecture
  • Gaming - AR, VR, XR, AI, Engines, Design, Mobile


  • Jeff Staple - STAPLE, Founder
  • Thomas Wolf - Hugging Face, Co-Founder
  • Stephy Fung - 3D Digital Fashion Artist
  • Ingi Erlingsson - Doodles, Chief Content Officer
  • Harry Yeff / REEPS100 - AI artist
  • Jen Stark - Artist
  • Priyanka Ramdas - Snap Inc, Marketing Manager NL
  • Matthew Drinkwater - London College of Fashion, Head of Innovation Agency
  • Josephine Scholtes - Microsoft, Product Manager
  • Farokh - Rug Radio, Founder
  • Rohit Bhasin - ZenAcademy, Founder & CEO
  • Rik Oostenbroek - Artist
  • Ovie Faruq - OSF, Artist & Co-Founder
  • Shavonne Wong - Artist
  • Yemel Jardi - Decentraland Foundation, Executive Director
  • Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira - The Fabricant, Co-Founder
  • Daniel Martijn Pol - Artist
  • Bas Uterwijk - Ganbrood, Artist
  • Alain Sylvain - SYLVAIN, Founder & CEO
  • Lauren Ingram - Women of Web3, Founder
  • Shayli Harrison - MUTANI, Founder & Creative Director
  • Tim van der Wiel - GoSpooky, Founder
  • Lisanne Buik - GraceŒS, Artist-Futurist, Founder
  • Funs Jacobs - Media.Monks, Senior Director Innovation
  • Loxley Fernandes - Rug Radio, CEO
  • Chana Kanzen - Rug Radio, Head of Partnerships
  • Geoff Renaud - InvisibleNorth, CMO + Co-Founder
  • ...and more!
A festival in Amsterdam that celebrates emerging tech and creativity