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Madrid, Spain

Crypto Plaza Forum

The only crypto economy forum in Spain


Nov 23 - Nov 24

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About The Event

Welcome to the 5th Edition of our cutting-edge crypto event, where we take pride in igniting the crypto revolution in Spain. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that showcases the latest innovations and insights from the brightest minds in the industry.

Web 3.0, DeFi, ReFi, Stablecoins, Crypto Social Networks, Gaming, NFTs, Ethereum 2.0 will be some of the topics to be discussed. 

This year is the FIFTH edition and only 500 people will have access to this event. A day marked by presentations, experiences and networking that is already a must-attend for the crypto community.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of Spain's premier platform for all things crypto!


  • Francesco G. Renzi - CEO & Co-Founder Superfluid
  • Angela Kreitenweis - Founder TE Academy
  • Etienne V. - Managing Partner at TRGC
  • Úrsula O'Kuinghttons - Polkadot
  • Facu Ameal - Yearn Finance
  • Mounir Benchemled - Founder ParaSwap
  • Idoya Arteagabeitia González - Telefónica
  • Francisco Del Olmo - CNMV
  • Nicolas Barilari - CEO at Nash21
  • Olga Vazquez - Theta Capital
  • Eneko Knorr - Stabolut
  • Alex Fernandez - Founder at Bitbase
  • Jesús Pérez - Founder Crypto Plaza
  • Teodoro Gª - Egea - Dr. Ingeniero Telecomunicaciones
  • Alberto G. Toribio - Institutional Relationships Crypto Plaza
  • Fredy - Dragon Stake
  • Miguel Caballero - CEO de Tutellus
  • Jori Armbruster - CEO & Founder de EthicHub
  • Jorge Schnura - CEO at Turing Consulting
  • Joan de Ramón Brunet - Coordinador de Celo Europe DAO y Head of growth de EthicHub
  • Diego Mazo - Co-Founder Tropykus
  • Alex Puig - Context
  • Luca Mossini - Business Development Enzyme
  • Manuel Ferreira - Tokemak
  • Lucas Verra - POAP Studio
  • Lucio Tato - Metapool
  • Roy Villanueva - Co-Founder and CEO FractalMind AI
  • Marouane H. - CEO at Unslashed
  • Alfonso Verdugo - Brand Activation & Fan Engagement Specialist
  • Álvaro D. Maria - Autor de "La filosofía de Bitcoin"
  • Jorge Serna - Securitize
  • ... and more!
Crypto Plaza
Crypto Plaza
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