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San Francisco, CA

BuildETH Patterns

A half-day event exploring the top web3 development patterns


Nov 30 - Nov 30

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About The Event

The event explores the top web3 development patterns and will cover a wide range of topics including DeFi Patterns, MEV Patterns, Contract Deployment Patterns, Account Abstraction and Intents Patterns, and Bridging, Cross-Chain Messaging, and Oracle Patterns.

Join 250+ web3 developers at BuildETH Patterns on Thursday, Nov 30 at the House of Web3 in SF!

Web3 Patterns to be Explored

1/ DeFi Patterns

  • Liquidity Pool Patterns
  • Yield Farming Patterns
  • Vault Patterns
  • Liquid Staking Patterns

2/ MEV Patterns

  • Front-running Patterns
  • Sandwich Attack Patterns
  • Liquidation Patterns
  • Mitigation Patterns

3/ Contract Deployment Patterns

  • Transparent Proxy Pattern
  • Diamonds Multi-Facet Proxy Pattern (ERC-2535)

4/ Account Abstraction and Intents Patterns

  • Account Abstraction Pattern
  • Intents Pattern

5/ Bridging, Cross-Chain Messaging, and Oracle Patterns 

  • Cross-Chain Messaging Patterns
  • Oracle Patterns

6/ Gas Optimization and Other Utility Patterns

  • Merkel Whitelist Pattern


  • Dominic Steil - Founder/CEO at Stateset, MEV Patterns
  • Elliot Friedman - Founder of Solidity Labs, Foundry Patterns
  • Elena Nadolinski - Co-Founder/CEO at Iron Fish, ZK and Privacy Patterns
  • McDavid Stoddard - Head of Product Market Fit at Aperture Finance, Liquidity Patterns
  • Conor Gallagher - Software Engineer at, DeFi Vault Patterns
  • Kevin Jones - Dev Relations Engineer at Edge & Node, Indexing Patterns
  • Philipp Zentner - Founder/CEO at LI.FI Protocol, Bridging Patterns
  • Tyler Sehr - Co-Founder/CEO at, Dev Rel Patterns
  • Ebru Engwall - Head of Ecosystem at Space and Time, Onchain and Offchain Data Patterns
  • Connie Wong - Web3 UX & Product Design at ICONIQ Design , UX/UI Patterns
  • Jack O'Holleran - Co-Founder/CEO at SKALE Network, Gas Optimization Patterns
  • Hart Montgomery - CTO, Hyperledger Foundation
  • Raullen Chai - Co-Founder/CEO of IoTeX, Account Abstraction Patterns
  • Don Ho - Managing Director at Quantstamp, Smart Contract Auditing Patterns
  • Qi Su - Security Engineer at Fuzzland, Web3 Fuzzing Patterns
  • Zac Denham - Founder of Juice Labs, EIP-2535 Diamond Patterns
  • Sam Leichman - Blockchain Practice Lead at Propeller Industries, Digital Asset Accounting Patterns
  • ... and more!
A one-day ETH dev conference for those interested in building, designing, scaling, and securing Web3 apps and protocols