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Tokyo, Japan

Web3 Beyond Border Tokyo

One of the largest business community in Japan


Dec 21 - Dec 22

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About The Event

Web3BB is one of the largest business community in Japan.

Our goal is to bridge the world and Japan by providing a platform for people to learn and discuss the core ideas of web3, AI, and other aspiring tech.

We have had numerous global and local speakers join us at our events, from major Japanese brands along with key web3 players that the world is yet unaware of.

This will be the sixth time the event will be held. So far, we have had more than 2,000 people that have participated.

Web3 BB by the numbers:

  • 1,500+ Attendees
  • 250+ Speakers
  • 30+ Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • 1,000+ Decision Makers
  • 2,000+ Community Members

Ticket price: From ¥5,500


  • David Morris - Experiential Consultant, NYCAP3D
  • Yoshikazu Abe - CSO, Hyperithm
  • Kentaro Oda - Asia Azure GTM Manager, Microsoft
  • Erik Lapaglia - Co-Founder, Investor Miami NFT Week
  • Toshitaka Ueda - CEO DAO Inc
  • Akira Masuzawa - Manager, Advanced Contents Business, IoTv Center TV Asahi Corporation
  • Yusuke Miyake - CEO, SEAFOLKS Co.
  • Yuya Sakai - Co-Founder CS, SARAH inc
  • Tomoki Okazaki - CCO(Chief Community Officer), SHINSEKAI Technologies
  • Nadja Bester - Co-founder, AdLunam Inc.
  • (Bob) Weihai He - Founder & CEO, Veritas Tech
  • Jon Mui - CEO, moongate
  • Mitsushi Ono - Chief Executive Officer, DeFimans Co. Ltd.
  • Jisoon Lim - CEO, 3PM Inc.
  • Nishi Crypto - Analyst/Business Strategy Department, SBI VC Trade
  • Shogo Numakura - Evangelist, SYMMETRY Inc.
  • Taiki Narita - CEO, iscream, Inc.
  • Taiga Kobayashi - CEO, Potlatch, inc
  • Takeko Yatabe - Chief Futurist Officer, MAWARI Inc.
  • Monin UNG - Managing Partner, MUNG Blockchain Law Firm
  • Yu Ayato - Director, JapanBlockchainWeek
  • Masaaki Fukuoka - Entertainment Development Department, Vice Manager/Creative Director Tohokushinsha Film Corp.
  • Yoshikazu Kato - COO, SHINSEKAI Technologies Co., Ltd
  • Syed Muhammad Zain Ul Abideen Naqvi - Co-Founder, Alter LTD
  • ... and more!
Web3 BB
Web3 BB
One of the largest web3 business communities in Japan