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Denver, USA


A home where builders build, meet, and grow


Feb 29 - Mar 02

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About The Event

Our house is conveniently located in the Rino District, just 5 min away from Eth Denver conference. It's set to be the ultimate hub for builders during the conference. Relaxed atmosphere, delicious Builders Brunch, series of in-depth conversations, and more.

​This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in hacking their way to innovative solutions, and networking with the movers and shakers of the crypto universe. Daily Builders Brunch, in-depth conversations, VC Office Hours, co-working, co-hacking, and connecting with likeminded individuals, don't miss!

BUIDLHOUSE by the numbers:

  • 500+ Participating builders & founders 
  • 3 Days of a curated agenda
  • 50+ Participating Media Outlets and inlfuencers

What To Expect?

  • ​Builders Brunch 
  • ​Co-Hacking 
  • Roundtable discussions
  • ​Networking
  • Special experiences 

Hosts & Sponsors

  • Supermoon - A community for founders and investors, facilitating funding and resources necessary for project expansion. 
  • Cointelegraph Accelerator - A program providing media products, marketing advice, mentorship support and other benefits to accelerate the growth of Web3 startups.
  • ​Near Digital Collective (NDC) - a Grassroots Movement, led by the NEAR Community to create Decentralized Web 3.0 Governance on NEAR.
  • - the zero-knowledge enabled network of blockchains.
  • Conflux Network - Conflux enables creators, communities, and markets to connect across borders and protocols.
  • ​Oort - a decentralized cloud for privacy and cost savings.
  • UHack - the web3 university hackathon series with Cambridge, Penn, Oxford, and more.
Provide a platform for builders, founders, and investors to build genuine relationships