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Zürich, Switzerland

In-depth exploration of the latest developments in blockchain technology, covering topics such as EVM & L1 Optimization and others


Apr 05 - Apr 07

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About The Event

EthereumZü is the second community conference co-organized by the UZH Blockchain Center and hosted at the University of Zurich. This year's event is significant as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Ethereum Foundation and the establishment of the first Ethereum headquarters in the nearby town of Zug.

The three-day conference features talks, panel discussions, and workshops on various tracks. It offers an in-depth exploration of the latest developments in blockchain technology, covering topics such as EVM & L1 Optimization, L2s, Bridges & Scalability, Account Abstraction, Identity & Privacy, Security, and Decentralized Finance.

Whether you're a developer, researcher, student, entrepreneur, or blockchain enthusiast, this event offers plenty of inspiration and opportunities to broaden your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals and prominent projects in the space.


  • Prof. Dr Claudio J. Tessone – University of Zurich Blockchain Center
  • Josef J – PWN DAO
  • Michela Silvestri – Binance Institutional
  • Niklas Kunkel – Chronicle Labs
  • Nuno Loureiro – Ethereum Foundation
  • Akaki Mamageishvili – Offchain Labs
  • Costanza Gallo – Swarm
  • Özgür Armanc Yiğit – Ethereum Foundation - PSE
  • Björn Tackmann – Dfinity Foundation
  • Simon Emanuel Schmid – Edge & Node
  • Sogol Malek – Ethereum Protocol Fellow & Xtreamly
  • Zpedro – Aztec
  • Anthony Leutenegger – Aragon
  • Ivo Georgiev – Ambire
  • Una Wang – DAO Suisse & ETH Zurich
  • Hodlon – Ethereum Foundation - PSE
  • Garrett Macdonald – Tukudev
  • Ugur Mersinlioglu – API3
  • Romain Figuereo – Paladin
  • Aisling Connolly – Dfinity Foundation
  • Dr. Christian Killer – Acurast
  • Damian Rusinek – Composable Security
  • Pamela Limón – Desci México
  • Sandusky – Fuel Labs
  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga – ChainSafe
  • Micha Bitterli – Deloitte AG
  • Francesco Andreoli – Consensys
  • ... and more!
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