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Paris, France

Sui Basecamp

Sui’s inaugural global event for Web3 pioneers


Apr 10 - Apr 11

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About The Event

Sui Basecamp is where the builders, developers, thought-leaders, and enterprises who are the heart and soul of the Sui and broader Web3 community converge.

Through our collective efforts, Sui is blazing an extraordinary path. Whether you're a Sui pioneer or just embarking on your Web3 journey, join us in celebrating Sui's remarkable achievements since Mainnet and help inspire the evolution of Web3.

What to expect

  • Inspire the future of Web3

Unlock the boundless possibilities of a future where consumers truly own and control their assets.

Hear from industry luminaries as they share insights on emerging technologies, key trends, and the rise of Web3.

Connect and participate in groundbreaking discussions to shape our future.

  • Stay ahead, move forward

Be the first to hear groundbreaking product, ecosystem, and partnership reveals.

Engage in deep-dive sessions and have your questions addressed by experts.

Sharpen your skills and knowledge through hands-on workshops covering Sui and Web3 fundamentals.

  • Explore visionary projects

Discover extraordinary projects at the forefront of the Sui ecosystem that are solving real-world challenges in blockchain, AI, cryptography, commerce, and finance.

Forge real connections with the visionary founders, developers, and investors who are leading the way in these developments.


  • Arianna Simpson – General Partner, a16z crypto
  • Balaji Srinivasan – Angel Investor, Tech Founder & Author of The Network State
  • Meltem Demirors – Aspiring Cult Leader
  • Adeniyi Abiodun – CPO & Co-Founder, Mysten Labs
  • Arjun Mukherjee – CTO, Mesh
  • Ben Weiss – Journalist, Freelance
  • Benoît Pellevoizin – Head of Marketing & Communications, CoinShares
  • Bilal El Alamy – CEO, PyratzLabs
  • Evan Cheng – CEO & Co-Founder, Mysten Labs
  • Caroline Buckland – Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology
  • Claire Hungate – President & COO, Team Liquid
  • George Danezis – Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Mysten Labs
  • Georgios Vlachos – Co-Founder, Axelar
  • Greg Siourounis – Managing Director, Sui Foundation
  • Hala Bou Alwan – Lawyer, Financial Crimes Expert, and TV Host
  • Jen Zhu Scott – Founding Partner, IN. Capital, Board Member, Sui Foundation
  • Kostas Chalkias – Chief Cryptographer & Co-Founder, Mysten Labs
  • Logan Jastremski – Managing Partner, Frictionless Capital
  • Mason Borda – CEO, Tokensoft
  • Nikola Plecas – Global Head of GTM & Product Commercialization, Visa Crypto
  • Rachel Conlan – Chief Marketing Officer, Binance
  • Robert Knight – Features Writer, Cointelegraph
  • Scott Dykstra – Co-Founder & CTO, Space and Time
  • Ryan Selkis – Founder & CEO, Messari
  • Sam Blackshear – CTO & Co-Founder, Creator of Move, Mysten Labs
  • Samer Bishay – CEO & Co-Founder, Karrier One
  • Sina Nader – Head of Strategy, Mysten Labs
  • ... and more!
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