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Bring Collab.Land To Harmony

support bot and allow access to Discord & Telegram communities

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Individual artists and DAOs want to issue NFTs and social tokens that confer benefits to the community, including access, voting, and governance. Selectively allowing community access depending on token holdings is a function that ONE needs, which people do regularly on ETH so that we can easily onboard future artists.

problem to solve

Currently, only works with Ethereum token standards and with Roll, using Metamask and a few other wallets.

We need you to make a port or add existing support to bot to allow access to Discord/Telegram communities depending on HRC token holdings with a Harmony wallet.

acceptance criteria

  • will work with HRC20 and HRC72, HRC1155 tokens to gate access
  • will work with standard hot wallets including Harmony chrome extension and wallets

For Discord:

For Telegram:

  • Bot will integrate with Telegram group to enable token Permissioned Chat where we can create an exclusive chatroom for members who hold a certain amount of HRC tokens, with all functionality and its subpages.


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