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MetaCartel Grants

provide project with a creative idea and get operational support

type of job



image 1K-10K

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19 months ago

job details

projects to apply

What do we fund?

  • DApps built on Ethereum
  • New consumer facing use-case experiments
  • Creation of new DAOs
  • Cryptonative experiments
  • Projects with longevity
  • Community oriented initiatives

What do we not fund?

  • We don’t typically fund developer tooling or infrastructure
  • We don’t typically fund anything that isn’t user facing

about the grant

What is MetaCartel Grants?

  • Non-profit grants fund focused on creation and impact
  • Funded mostly by individuals in the community

how to apply

  • Join us on Discord

Head to the #grant-request channel on our Discord, and select "Start your grant request"

This will create a private discord channel with some initial screening questions. Please fill these out as the first step, which will allow us to provide quick feedback in regards to whether the project would be in the scope of funding.

  • Connect with your MetaGuide and make your pitch

A personal MetaGuide will claim your ticket and request a brief video call within a few days to discuss further. Those requesting funds are asked to create a short pitch video (~2 minutes), providing a high level overview for the MetaCartel community to review.

  • Create a detailed forum proposal

If your pitch received a thumbs up from the community, it's time for a more detailed forum proposal on the MetaCartel Forum. This will then be reviewed in more detail, and feedback will be provided within the forum.

See example proposal submission

  • Present at a MetaCartel Town Hall

If forum consensus is to proceed, you will be invited to a MetaCartel Town Hall meeting. This is an opportunity to give your final pitch, and to officially introduce yourself to the community. If the meeting goes well, your case will be handed over to a MetaCartel DAO member to be championed in and create the official grant proposal in the DAO.

  • Create a proposal for funding through DAOHaus platform

If you get a strong yes signal from us, we’ll likely provide feedback and also have additional feedback for the project before we commit to a grant.

  • Receiving funding 🎉


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Metacartel is a community-led open software project + angel fund investing in early-stage (DApps)