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Acala Grants Program

perform a research to benefit Acala & Karura ecosystem

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image up to 50K

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projects to apply

We are focused on funding technical projects that add value to the Acala & Karura ecosystem.

These are the general guidelines for grant applications:

  • a well-researched or well-tested idea, ideally with a proof-of-concept or prior work to demonstrate feasibility
  • the project will be deployed, maintained, and operated after completion of the grant, through the commitment of funding or its economic or business models
  • demonstrate how the project can/will specifically benefit the Acala network and/or its ecosystem, both technologically and economically
  • technical details are well-defined
  • differentiate your project from comparable products in the ecosystem or in other comparable ecosystems
  • all code produced as part of a grant must be open-sourced

who can apply

We are looking for the teams with proven experience and a track record for solid delivery.

how to apply

1. Application

Please discuss with us if you are unsure of any aspect of the application. You can contact us at

2. Review and Decision

The Acala Grants committee on behalf of the Acala Foundation will review the application and determine if additional information is required. Once a decision is made, the application team will be notified, and follow-ups will be arranged.

3. Milestone Deliverables

Milestone deliverables shall be submitted via email to, and follow the guidelines.

4. Announcement Guidelines

We demand grant teams only make announcements after the first milestone has been accepted. This is to protect the community from projects that only intend to use the announcement to raise funds or create hype but don't intend to deliver, deploy and operate on the project. We reserve the right to terminate grants if this is violated.

about the grant program

The Acala Foundation Grants Program focuses on software development and research in the field of decentralized finance protocols that benefit the Acala and Karura ecosystem.

We look forward to building with you and creating more open and democratizing finance technologies! Please email if you have any questions.


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Acala is an Etherum-compatible smart-contract platform optimized scaling dApps to Polkadot