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0x Grant Program

improve 0x protocol with new features

type of job


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16 months ago

job details

projects to apply

Generally speaking, we prefer opportunities that have the potential to grow protocol volume exponentially via win/win partnerships with balanced risk/reward.

Specifically, we have identified the following areas for prioritization:

  • projects that increase 0x protocol volume (preference for orderbook-based volume)
  • projects building on 0x protocol and Polygon
  • protocol feature development (for example, integrating NFT support from v3 into v4)
  • non-DeFi business models and use cases (social, games, etc.)
  • research, simulation, and analytics related to tokenomics design
  • branding strategy
  • community engagement
  • developer engagement and support

who can apply

We welcome to apply to different teams, who have two paths to apply.

The first is through the 0xEVE team via an application form (small grants) and the second is direct to the 0x community via the governance forum (large grants). The 0xEVE team will evaluate and score grants proposed in the forum (similar to, but less complex than, the MakerDAO collateral onboarding framework).

how to apply

Step 1: Grant seekers apply for funding using the application form 23 or posting on the governance forum 5. If posting on the forum, please provide the same information required in the application form.

  • For grants < $50K, use the Google Form 23
  • For grants > $50K, post in the Governance Forum 5 and in Snapshot 1

Step 2: 0xEVE team begins evaluation and contacts grant seekers if additional information or negotiation is needed. 0xEVE team may award grants that fall within its budgetary authority or publish evaluation and scoring for community consideration. Grant seekers should monitor the governance forum to provide additional information and feedback as needed.

Step 3: After a reasonable time period has passed to allow for community discussion and 0xEVE scoring (we suggest a minimum of 14 days), along with temperature check signalling from Snapshot, proposals may proceed to a vote (see ZRX Requirements, above).

Depending on the type of grant and the specific work involved, the 0xEVE team will assist with coordination, report on progress and metrics, and share insights and learnings with the community.

about the grant program

The 0x protocol’s mission is to create a tokenized world where all value flows freely. Currently, this manifests mainly through a set of performant, hardened smart contracts that enable the exchange of assets on various blockchain networks 2, along with a staking mechanism that incentivizes professional market-makers to provide best-in-class, highly efficient liquidity and rewards ZRX token holders for optimizing liquidity rewards distribution.

To further accelerate ecosystem growth, the 0xDAO is establishing a grant program.


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