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Developer Grant Program

promote further adoption and usage of Akash Network’s decentralized cloud

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image up to 100K

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job details

projects to apply

Here are some examples of projects that we hope to see submitted:

  • developer tooling for Akash including SDKs and APIs.
  • open-source developer tools (Homebrew).
  • creator platforms (CMS, podcasting, blogging, forums, GitLab).
  • decentralized web services (Handshake, DNS, OpenRegistry).
  • backend as a service (Hasura on Akash).
  • platform as a service (Heroku on Akash).
  • open-source communications (Chat, Email).
  • desktop deployment interface.
  • hosted deployment interface with wallet integration.
  • App Store interface (OpenChannel on Akash).
  • persistent storage integrations (Sia, Skynet, Filebase, Arweave, Filecoin, Storj, Coldstack).

who can apply

All software developers and engineers with a GitHub account are eligible.

All grants are paid in $AKT to the developer’s Akash account address. To prevent fraudulent activity, the account is linked to the developer’s accounts on Discourse, GitHub, and Discord.

how to apply

The process is simple. Follow the 10 steps detailed on our community forum to install Akash, create an account, propose your project, and hit apply.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Community Awards Board (CAB). 

Each month the board meets to review the proposals submitted by developers and craft on-chain proposals for the community to vote on. Meetings will be publicly announced and hosted online via Google Meet or Zoom. All meetings will be recorded and minutes will be shared publicly with the community.  

about the grant program

Akash Developer Grant Program, a community-driven source of funding and support for promising developers and teams. The purpose of the program is to expand the developer community, encourage collaboration between developers, and develop open-source projects to promote further adoption and usage of Akash Network’s decentralized cloud.

To start, the program has four award tiers to support all types of projects large and small. 

  • $100 Initiate Grant: If a developer sends these tokens to an exchange, they will be ineligible for future funding, as well as the next tier of funding. 
  • $1,000 Seed Grant: Developers are expected to open source their project for the community, publish a detailed guide, and answer questions from the community.  
  • $10,000 Incubator Grant: The Incubator Grant is awarded only if progress is made by the developer to meet the milestones in their proposal. 
  • $100,000 Accelerator Grant: The Accelerator Grant is only awarded to developers that have consistently met their milestones, demonstrated improvements, and shown a willingness to remain open source and collaborate with the Akash community.


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